Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today I am starting my New Year's Resolution, no better time than the present right? I am going to live life more like my son Kainoa. FEARLESS.

We have been trying to teach our son to swim since he was 10 days old- when we first put him in the pool. He can blow bubbles, kick, hold his breath under water, and survive his dads crazy bomb throws! He runs into the ocean, gets knocked down-but remains calm and breathes fearlessly. And he loves it- he wants more. Kainoa was even kicked out of the water during a rough swell at Magic Sands Beach for being too young in the ocean. He just loves the water-is fearless of it.
I believe that if we approached his learning to swim differently he would have fears. If we told him about the big scary waves, the dark deep ocean, and what lies beneath he might have fears.

As an adult now I am learning life is like that. I am most fearful of things that could happen because people have told me scary stories about fearful situations. I love the ocean, but I have to confess, sometimes I swim with a giant fear that a big shark is drafting me. That’s because of scary shark stories I hear about. And the dark… I am VERY scared of it even at 27 years old! If my husband doesn’t come to bed at the same time as me I have to sleep with the door open so the light comes in from the hall. I am so envious when I look at Kainoa sleep. He sleeps alone, all night, in a pitch black room! How does he do that? Maybe because I have never told him about monsters under his crib or in the closet. And probably because he has never seen a Friday the 13th movie! I have seen the movies and been told the monster stories… and NOW I am fearful of the dark.

From watching Kainoa grow up I have learned that our fears hold us back from really great moments in life. Or really great sleep in my case. Our fears have so much control over just how far we reach for our dreams, chase goals, and live life.

I have a thought to leave you with… Olympic swimmer Janet Evans! She has severe asthma, to the point that growing up doctors feared if she swam too hard she would stop breathing. Just think… if she had listened to their fears she would have missed out on all those world records and gold medals!

Dive down deep-living your life to the fullest. Let no scary stories of sharks, eel, jelly fish, and the unknown hold you back from something beautiful that might happen...


Blogger kerrie said...

I am so with you on this one - I am sure that I always have a shark following me when I swim in open water(even in lakes, lol). I think fear is taught so it is so hard as a parent some times to suck up my own fears(like me with open water). Rain was constantly wanting to swim out deeper in Hawaii and I was trying to be so cool with it on the outside when I was trembling on the inside- it was too funny.

November 29, 2007 at 7:27 AM

Blogger ShirleyPerly said...

Great post. In addition to those fears you mentioned, the fear of failure has been a big one for me since childhood. But as I get older it's transforming into a fear of not doing all the things I want to do in my life time. Maybe by the time I'm 80, I'll be like Kainoa -- fearless!

November 29, 2007 at 11:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just was flipping thru TRIATHLETE mag tonight and saw the HUGE pic of you on page 111...NICE! congrats! Jen H. :)

November 29, 2007 at 1:44 PM

Blogger Bob Mitera said...

Bree - great blog entry! I was told I would never be a "good athlete". 20+ years later I still have HS running and swimming records and have finished 5 IMs and Kona.

Dream big! Plan. GO!!!

November 29, 2007 at 2:02 PM

Blogger kelli said...

great advice. no jellyfish is gonna scare me out of the water!!

November 29, 2007 at 4:02 PM


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