Friday, May 14, 2010

A Swim on ALOHA Friday...

Last night I did something crazy, I swam with fish. Well, they were more like Kona Aquatics Age Group team, about doubly as fast as the masters team, make that triply as fast. It went something like this: Push ups. (Bree lands on her face). wow...that really hurt. About the time the push ups are over and we do those insane get-outs where we "get out" of the pool (push up style on the side of the pool) up to our waist, on the BIG side by the way, not the little gutter side, my arms felt like they just swam, A LOT. This is not complaining, this is the honest bitter truth that I have some endurance but little arm strength...
Then we swam 5,600 yards (about 2,600 more than my usual pool swims). And it was all challenging, mostly fly, mostly holding on for dear life (like the 6x200 IM's) fast. It was incredibly intense swimming with the kids of Kona. I was old enough to be their mom... they were fast enough to make 200's on 2:30 fly, back, breast...and breaking the minute in 100 backs and flys like I break eggs for breakfast. Humbling-yes. Fun-when it was over. I dragged myself out of the pool and fell asleep like a baby last night.
Woke up this morning to a wet swim suit for morning practice, (you know morning swim is going to hurt when your suit is still soaked from just a few hours ago). And it did... after a 1,000 warm up it was 30x100 and the boys put me first with my mangled arms from those push ups (I was struggling just to lift my arms over my head). After 15 of them holding 1:06 and a couple 1:07 my brain forgot to count and my eyes got goofy. I told myself "this is like the Ironman, last 1,500 yards to go...hold it together", so I asked one of the boys to take over the lead, sort of wish I stuck it out in front, as if I was swimming solo between packs (because that always happens to me), but I wanted to pull off a good swim rather than float through the last 15.
The game became "get his feet" and I pretended I was dropped from the pack and had to sprint the first 25 to catch the pack, then I swam on feet the last 75. It worked like a charm-almost barfing to catch feet the first 25, holding on the last 75. It was giving me 1:02's- 1:04's. Brilliant...after cool down that was it, ALOHA Friday swim was pau and it was time to RECOVER!
We did breakfast on the beach: Egg, chicken, spinach burritos & Papaya with blueberries! Perfect...and in bikinis to make it more fun! BECAUSE every weekend should begin in a bikini. After a long sleepy recovery in the early morning hours on the beach we were feeling better. Feeling really blessed to tell you the truth, to be able to swim, to be active, to be healthy...
Then it was time to laugh...and we did. When Kona has 40% off bikini's you better believe everyone and their mom, grandma, and auntie are in the shop! The mission was to help our friend pick out a suit for his girl friend...ha ha ha... LOVED every minute of it! My favorite kind of shopping is grocery shopping or farmers market, today I changed my mind, bikini shopping with boys is so much fun! They make you laugh (and not at your pale white booty in something too small) but at them! I wish every Friday in Kona was super sales on bikinis! It's the worlds best recovery!
Tomorrow me and the bike will tackle some hills. The arms take a break and the legs will get a it! Good night from the land of bikini's :)


Blogger kerrie said...

rain is on swim team and when i see how much a lot of those kids swim, i realize why i suck so much at swimming. in the summertime, they have 2 x 2 hours practice a day! no wonder that people that swim as kids never forget how as adults...
3 more weeks to honu!!!

May 15, 2010 at 6:11 AM

Blogger Christi said...

Great job on the swimming! You totally rocked it!

May 15, 2010 at 7:11 AM

Blogger Catching up with Jessica said...

Great post and GREAT splits! I love it!

May 15, 2010 at 8:10 AM

Blogger CoachLiz said...

I love that feeling in the arms that you get after pool side push-ups. It is a cross between limp noodles and jell-o.

May 16, 2010 at 10:47 AM

Blogger Regina said...

Our TNT coach made us do the push-ups thing during pool training; that's sick! OUch!

Love the breakfast menu. I swear, I want to live with you for your food.

Ok, that guy is hot, even while holding up bikini bottoms to himself.

May 16, 2010 at 2:28 PM


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