Friday, September 24, 2010

Caught Day Dreaming....

After swim practice & dropping Kainoa to school it was just me and a run left to tackle. However, my drive home just happens to pass by Honl's, where in deed the most beautiful views of big blue waves and strong flows of water captivated my every thought and all parts of my heart. Without a rush, in fact lots of time to run, I sat in the early morning sun just taking time to breathe as the rest of Friday sort of unraveled around me.
Sitting in the sand admiring the surfers as they waxed up and strapped on leashes, then paddled out and ducked under waves, I was wanting to be out there too. Dangeling my feet in the water and letting all things beach invade me, I realized the most happy place I know is the beach. I glanced back to Alii Drive and watched as runners tackled their runs. It motivated me to get a move on, despite the fact I don't need motivation to run, its always a "love-love" thing for me, I wanted to go do my run. At that moment it was as if I wished to be in two places at the same time, in the water and running along Alii Drive. Really, running in Hawaii is nearly the best of both worlds and most runs travel along the coast line...

Taking a few more moments to enjoy a new sunrise and the ocean I began to day dream about Ironman. The entire race was flooding my mind, the butterflies that happen just before the start, the day before when you have to pack your bags, the bike check in, all of it, every emotion that accompanies the Ironman week, night before, and the morning of was suddenly all I could think of, and I was caught there, on the beach, in the sand day dreaming Ironman thoughts. Busted by the surfer boys, not even thinking about surfing despite the swell that landed on the island.
My slippers were soon off and my run shoes were on. It was the first time I didnt think about my ribs too. I just took it easy and enjoyed running because at that moment it consumed me more than surf thoughts (which is very rare when we have waves). Then my thoughts went back to yesterday where a friend asked me my goal for the race. He said, "Bree, I know you are busted up and I'm sorry. But you still have to have a goal, what is the goal now?". And then without even taking a split second to think, I answered. It was as if the goal all along, throughout all that happened this season, was something that perhaps matters to me more than envisioned and so to tell him, was easy...
I think we both smiled the same smile and knew it is what it is and life happens the way it does but goals keep us moving and sometimes that's all we it was nice to know I had a goal I embrace without even thinking too hard, or at all...

If you don't know by now I am in love with Da Poke Shack, so it was a wonderful surprise to run by and see my friend outside eating some stuff from the ocean. Thankfully my house is only .9 miles from Da Poke Shack (yes, less than a mile), so I called that my run, got a good kiss from a fresh fish, and let the cool down begin. What an awesome day on the island.
To top it off, Kainoa has finally mastered separating egg whites! We bake/cook a lot in our home and coconut macnut-aroon clusters do NOT use the yoke, check it out, he has no yellow and I did not help! Such a chef...
Today I have an overwhelming appreciation for my life, it was so filled with simple things and now as the night is calling me to sleep I'm discovering how they all add up to make such an incredible life. The good friends that surround me, my sponsors/supporters who help me reach my goals, the training partners who still like me even after I make fun of spandex nonstop and tell them how surf trunks are so much hotter, the girls that keep me laughing, my family, my friend for caring so much about my goals, coach, the beach and how I live just across the road from it, especially my son and his ability to crack eggs, even kissing a fish today, this day has been amazing...
Enjoy your weekend!

ps: I have a song for you, love to share :) It's a favorite and had me smiling on my run and throughout this gorgeous day... listen here...HI Town (Hilo boys)


Blogger Chloe said...

I love the way the ocean can just bring everything together. For some reason, it just answers all of the questions you might have and everything makes sence. :)

September 25, 2010 at 1:53 AM

Blogger bart said...

Gee Bree! Today I was running a 1/4distance in the cold & rain... And all I could think of to keep me motivated was imagining I was living the way you describe your life, running down your coastline & all that.
It sure worked!
Thanks for your daily words of wisdom ;-)

September 25, 2010 at 9:14 AM

Blogger Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Lovely song Bree! Thanks for sharing some of your island spirit with this city girl.

September 26, 2010 at 8:59 AM

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