Sunday, October 3, 2010

Training Day With Coach on The Island...

Today was simply the coolest training day. Coach landed on the island last night and now my support circle is complete!! Got the training partners, Kainoa, some family, amazing friends, Coach Steve & Kona Aquatics, some sponsors are here, lots of love from my hometown, AND now all a girl could ask for and more! Race day is getting so close and I'm enjoying each and every moment leading up to the big dance. It's funny, I've never felt so at ease going into an Ironman. Perhaps being sidelined and wondering what if this or what if that, caused me to just appreciate getting to the start line...

Today all the Big Island triathletes that are racing Ironman gathered together for a reunion of sorts. A morning to celebrate our season of racing & training on the Big Island and take a little moment as ohana on our journey...Ke Alahele O Ke Koa. Talk about hometown pride. Truly, I gotta send a huge MAHALO out to all the athletes that have traveled near & far to be here. Not sure if you knew, but like most everywhere in the world our economy is at an all time low and the state of Hawaii was in the newspaper this morning as red lining, we were nearly a job loss and dollar away from red zone, going down, fighting with job losses, homeless, and poverty in some areas. It was then reported that Ironman has financially helped us BIG TIME to stay out of red zone for a little while longer. So to the locals that grumble over the crowds, the tourists, the speedos, this race has helped us more than we can has given help to small businesses, local shops, and even farmers markets. Let's embrace it...
Okay, back to my training day... I had to have one last good run with some surf trunks. Coach had a run set up for me from the Energy Lab, a pace to hold, some goals, and stuff to envision. He was part of my escort crew as he did the driving back to town-stop n' go, while watching & supporting & pace checking. Then Wendy was out on the bike with the fluids (she is super good at that by the way), Justin has been my super company on my mello run sessions this season so today he got to experience more of my "goal pace sessions" in surf trunks of course, and I wanted him there on this run and was totally stoked when he agreed to come along in the hot sun on his day off, and then JD came too. He's a pal I met a a race last year and we both got our Kona Slots at IM KY... so it was the perfect support crew for a final "get it girl" kind of run...

There was also a swim on tap, with coach and crew. The dolphins love to show up even when I'm doing my best effort to FOCUS and sure enough this morning they came for a visit too. I was a little nervous swimming with coach, you know I didn't want him to see me playing with my ocean pals so close to race day. Thankfully he was highly entertained and took a few moments to swim with them, which meant I had dolphin time too! The goal was the 2.4 buoy, it would have been my first time back since the rib injury and I was looking forward to seeing it again. Mid swim coach asked me if I would be okay with not going that far...he said I didn't need it unless mentally I needed it. He knew in my head I had to reassure myself I could make it that far, but that on race day I will and perhaps its better not to mess up the injury but to continue with the healing. I looked at him, asked if he was sure, sort of wanted to cry (I know, I cry easy, but I never give up) and then I trust him. If he was certain I got it then I got it. Mentally I know the swim better than just about anyone, I could swim it eyes closed if I had to, its just a matter of how much swimming hurts me more or heals me more, so we made a detour and I looked out to the Ironman buoy with tears in my eyes but knowing he was right, and said, "see ya on race day Ironman buoy".
I know the moment I get out of the water on race day it will be all tears flowing down my face, to have finished the swim when just weeks ago I wasn't even able to swim, and now I am CONFIDENT I WILL MAKE 2.4 MILES then all 140.6 MILES.
When the swim was pau us girls went to the farmers market for fruit and I happened to have found ice, much needed ice as a matter of fact...the boob and ribs felt much better after that.
AND every good day on an island involves a little bikini time in the shore we did that before the day came to an end. Almost race day, 6 more sleeps before the big dance. Love it, love it, love it....totally embracing it!
Malama Pono (take care) ,


Blogger Oscarjet said...

Muy divertido todo Amiga! vamos !!

October 3, 2010 at 10:10 PM

Blogger Cy said...

I cannot wait to watch you climb up those stairs from the swim on Saturday, then go on to rule the roads.
I'll be one of the thousands screaming "GO BREE - YOU'RE AMAZING" all day long!!!

October 4, 2010 at 6:48 AM

Blogger Dawn said...

So awesome! ;) Sounds like you are all ready over there.

October 5, 2010 at 3:47 PM


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