Thursday, February 17, 2011

Locked Out...

It's been like this, beach-mansion-beach. I'll explain. I got to Costa Rica a little before the REV3 crew to shake out the legs from the massive travel from Hawaii and of course, just to be here. All was amazing, little town, little beach, pretty much the way I've always known this place to look, feel, and smell. Then came the day we get to check into the REV3 palace... it looks like this, see below...
Truly clueless that places like this even existed here. It's beautiful for sure, but it left me missing the little shacks snuggled under palm trees and the chickens all over the place. Oh believe me Ive enjoyed the warm water showers (first time having warm water in Central America). The giant room with a patio wrapping all around it has had me totally feeling like a princess, but now I want some Latin Lover to come serenade me like in the movies. I guess when REV3 said it would be a "first class" experience they were not kidding.
So whats been happening at the palace? Nothing. Its a great spot for me to stay out of trouble. The high-lights of the morning were dancing to the Spanish top 10 count down. Yep, the salsa was happening in room 18 of the palace! Then I went to the beach and of course got locked out. Man that never happens in the hood, we can bust through a window or something, so of course I had to find a way and I did. Now Im waiting to go swim at the race site-SO EXCITED to see it!

The best part of the morning was a run through the 4,500 acres of farm land we are hiding in. Its truly beautiful. I found a nice trail that lead to a nice beach. The biking is pretty cool too, a lot like being on a roller coaster with 2 wheels and you move the thing with your legs, "up and down, up and over". So happy and so blessed is how I am feeling right now, dont let my passion for the untouched simple life that I adore be mistaken for the sarcasm I am putting on my new life in the palace. It's good for this trip, new for me, but of course, the beach and simple life will always have my name written all over it...

Playa Langosta I ran to this morning (no photos, sorry, I was working). Langosta I have surfed at before and its the same as it always was. This beach (above) we took the local transport to. Its the same as ever too. Its such a different vibe being here as a triathlete and not as a surfer. In a really special, undescribable kind of way Im happy about the way life has unraveled for me. As for getting my race day focus on...yes. I'm so excited to race and as it gets closer to Sunday the butterflies grow, the heart pounds a little faster, and my entire body wants to get swept up in the adrenaline of this sport that has now replaced a surf board and some wax. Oh, ignore all the spelling mistakes, my computer is trying to change everything to Spanish and not letting me do English spell check...gracias.

Pura Vida,



Blogger Rob said...

Sounds like this is your Turf Bree you own this one, race steady and hard go get it...

February 17, 2011 at 12:18 PM

Blogger The Lazy Triathlete said...

You have to love having warm water!!! I have to admit, I am a fan of "your" Central America. I like it real.

Good luck this weekend.

February 17, 2011 at 12:56 PM

Blogger John said...

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March 2, 2011 at 9:51 PM


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