Monday, March 14, 2011

Long Run, Smelly Swim, Long Flight...

Yesterdays long run was the first chance I had to really "dwell on" and "reflect on" and just "let loose" all things tsunami. Before the long run it was just a whirl wind of pack, unpack, clean up, reorganize, prioritize, and readjust without really taking a minute of time out. On the run I got to breeze past all the damage that you don't really see from the car, you get to smell the dirty smells-those of fish, others of who knows what.
Lots of clean up crews, lots of churches praying at the sights of damaged areas, and lots of picture taking by all. Today I leave for a week and when I return I'm almost positive town will be closer to the scents of plumerias than that of dead fish we have lingering now. Most the debris will be swept away by wind and waves (yes, we are getting 10-20ft waves according to the surf forecast for tomorrow). The long run really made me happy to call Hawaii, this island especially, home. The long run had me so thankful I get to be part of a community that really embraces the "family", and that despite all that has happened Id still rather be here then anywhere else. Japan is still on my mind, a lot...

My training has really taken somewhat of a back seat, I feel so bad about that because I usually am really good about finding a way to make it happen despite curve balls in life or motherhood, this time was different, especially leading into a race. The day I was supposed to ride my new bike for the first time the tsunami came, today I rode it for the first time, once before the race. Swims were called off, pool is closed today, ocean has been dead-fish-and other stuff-polluted, school was closed, and more importantly it has been a few days of "cling to family". We of course found a beach barely effected by the Friday mess and played together as if nothing happened...
This morning was a reminder something has happened. Today was my first swim in 4 days, if the pool was opened I would have been in it 'cause the ocean is trippin' me out still. With a race coming I sort of just held my breath and jumped in with some friends of the swim team. It stunk so bad like dead fish, 2 showers later I still smell it in my hair. I tried so hard not to let water in my mouth but I swim with my mouth open so that lasted about 7 seconds. It was really weird too. It felt so shallow, as if you could reach the ocean bottom even way out to sea.
We all played a really dumb game at the turn buoy, we asked, "what would you do if all of a sudden the water started to go out to sea?" Not a fun thing to think on when you are out in the middle of the ocean, but we asked anyway. Half of us decided we would try to swim to shore as fast as we can and when the water sucked up run on the choral even if we are digging razor sharp reef into our feet. The other half would swim out to sea and try to be deep enough when the wave hit to not get thrown to shore. It was not a cool thought and with that we decided to just swim to shore for safety. There were condoms, underwear, tires, shopping carts, and other weird things all being seen by the swimmers the past couple days, Robin put it in perspective, "At least its not bodies we are swimming into". With that all we could do was thing about Japan and again I didn't mind that training up to a race was on the sidelines, I am more stoked family, Kainoa, and the town is doing so good...

The bike is in the box, the clothes are packed in my luggage, and now its time to hele to the airport. Kainoa is safely at his dads and that leaves me with a lot of peace. Of course I feel bad leaving to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico while my friends are swimming in fish guts. Ill be back. Having not thought much on the race I plan to regaze my focus during my flight, Ill have 16 hours or so to do just that...
Aloha Hawaii, hola Puerto Rico...


Blogger SSB said...

Good luck Bree! Thanks for the updates on the tsumani. Looks like the Big Island got it a lot worse than Oahu.

When I lived in Japan we used to go out for dinner to the Garlic Restaurant before we had long flights back to the US. Mostly because it was really good food and we were in Tokyo to fly out, but also so we stunk a bit on the flight and might get some extra elbow room :-) Have a safe trip.

March 14, 2011 at 5:50 PM

Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks for the updates on your island with your pics, enlightening as always. Can't stop thinking about Japan either... here all the way from Chicago... so devastating and heartbreaking. Can only imagine your thoughts with how close you live to there or with comparing the damage you have.
Be safe on that other island of paradise... have a good race, take care.

March 14, 2011 at 6:55 PM

Blogger Beth said...

Good luck in PR Bree! Still so great to hear that while there was a lot of damage to Kona, no people-damage!! And in a few months time, Kona will look just like new. :) Safe travels and have a blast racing hard!

March 15, 2011 at 12:19 AM

Blogger Teresa said...

Oh Bree....I am so gladd you are all safe and a few days of training is are so consistent, that's what matters! I am glad you all got out and played, even during the tough times.

Good luck, have fun, and live it up!

March 15, 2011 at 1:11 PM


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