Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Was A Good One...

The best part of the weekend was the uninterrupted time with Kainoa, away from you know, things like phone calls, texting, computer, IPOD, toys, and other action grabbers. Our distractions were simple, pure, perfect! Watching surfers at dawn patrol, kayaking, sand, tide pools, jumping off rocks into the ocean, swimming, boogy boarding, camp fire, and the other things that come along with 2 days and an evening under stars, at the beach! No worries coach, I did my run that morning, all 12 miles of it on sandy trails along the ocean while the uncles and aunties played with Kainoa...
There was absolutely no other place Id rather be then at that beach with that company. It was the perfect recovery after a long ride and swim and the great escape for a long run all while being lost at the beach away from the hustle and bustle of life...and mine seems to be spinning crazy lately, this was much welcomed! I guess you could call it mixing business with pleasure...

Hard at work...or recovery spin?!?
ahhhhh, life is good along the Kona coast!
4 Star accommodations! We scored front row.
Kainoa found a nice "out house" too.... shhhh.

It was a good weekend for sure! One of those weekends where you just let the cares of the word fade away and indulge in the moment. Of course when we got back home my bed looked so boring without the stars above and the cares of life all flooded back. Prince Kuhio Day should happen more often!! This week is full swing ahead already and I'm welcoming it too, at least the swimbikerun part...


Race week on the island too, Lavaman Sunday! That means another day along the beach swimbikerun, alright by me!



Blogger Charisa said...

Glad you had that great little weekend away from it all! I need one of those :)

March 29, 2011 at 8:37 AM


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