Monday, May 16, 2011

Honolulu Triathlon...

Honolulu Triathlon was a "race/training session" on the path to Hawaii 70.3 and I had one mission (well, I wanted to win it too, but a different mission), I wanted to run good. My swimmer friend Wendy calls aid stations "rest stops", she really dislikes running. Anyways, unfortunately they have been my rest stops in a few sour races, so this race I was going to try and "race the rest stops".
In '08 I remember the run course being a super flat out and back 2 loops. It was fast and friendly and I was very excited to be on a flat fast run course to see if the run work we have been doing was paying off. Coach asked the night before how I was feeling from the training into this. On the scale of 1-10 I told him 5. I read a book that said the things we say with our mouth often determine the outcome, so I said 5 in hopes race day a 5 on the legs would happen. Really I felt pooped like an 8.5...maybe 9. Anyways, I had to post that run photo above because I love the rest stop race face, THANK YOU to Kurtis Haun for the photos! It is officially my least parade-like photo ever!

Hope these girls like my sighting... we are on a mission to catch as many of the men that had the 6 minute lead from us!

The awesome swim start with a view of the "city in paradise". Believe it or not the swim was wetsuit legal, I put it on and took it off. I know its faster with it but I'm pretty sure it would have been so hot it would have been slower...our weather is weird lately. Most the morning was spent trying to convince myself I felt like a 5. The swim warm up felt pretty good and made the 5 more believable. The swim race itself was perfect for me as I was alone after the first buoy and had to work very hard to try and keep swimming without any feet to follow. Us girls had to swim over crowds of men and perhaps that kept me from day dreaming too much. (Photo Credit: Wendy Smith) Onto the bike....

Photo thanks to Kurtis Haun

There might be a tiny concern with my new bike, it's too comfortable. On the bike I fell instantly into that "Half iron pace" and really struggled to get moving. Over and over I had to keep reminding myself this is a race, a very short one, move it! I tried to push through the "5" but it was very hard for me. Being as I can't afford a bike computer for my new bike I also had no idea how fast or slow I was going, so I just kept riding in what felt like Olympic distance effort but comfy like half pace on legs that felt like a "5". For the first time in a long time I didn't enjoy racing on my bike, it was frustrating to feel so junky but not be able to see any numbers to show if I was making any effort or just losing time. At the final turn I saw the other girls making major gains and I knew my lack luster ride would have to push my run if I wanted to be happy about my race. Off the bike, checked my watch to discover it was 3 minutes slower than last time I raced the same course, ah bad job racing by feel... Time to invest in a bike computer, no more lala land riding for me...
You know that flat 2 loop run I told you about? The course changed since the last time I raced it and because I did not read the course map I discovered when we went right instead of left. When we ran next to a beautiful beach with surfers dancing on waves. When we ran through a parking lot. When we ran up some grassy hill and over another little mound then down the grassy hill. When we ran up 4 stairs and down 4 more stairs. It was not the same loop with all the people in the streets like a was new.


I liked it SO MUCH BETTER! It was like a maze and it kept me highly entertained. As for running that flat fast course, I still went for it pretending it was the same. Actually I had too, Michelle was in T2 when I was leaving T2 so there was no time for beaching it! When the run was said and done my 5 was a legit 10 but I felt like a 1 because the run went well for me... in fact it was a little faster on a little less flat/fast course than the old one... good.
HUGE thank you to the volunteers and all the cheerleaders out there! It really makes racing so much more fun having support and others to share the day with! CONGRATS to all the finishers and of course Tim Marr the men's winner, Sam Corace the Big Island Champ, and the girls that raced along with me, I loved being out there with you and having you bike your way up to the front to help me run scared...

The beach did happen, we all felt like 10's out of 10 on the "how much you hurt" scale after the awards and packing up bikes to fly them home. Well, maybe I was still only a 5 because I found energy to irritate my friends.
LOVE the sand on Oahu! The pineapples too!!!

Another week has begun, I'm going to begin it feeling like a 5 (but don't believe me), maybe after some active recovery tomorrow I can get it down to a 4...


Happy Training,



Blogger Terrish B said...

Oh YAY!! Looks like you had a blast and killed that race :) Aren't the medals for that race dope? I think they are surfboards right? I never have participated in the Honolulu Tri but I plan on it in the future when I get my butt back to the "mother land" I love your blog Bree!! Thanks for sharing! aloha, Terrish

May 16, 2011 at 11:28 PM

Blogger Robert Lejeune said...

Good job out there Bree :)

I am so happy that you felt so good with your running! You will rock the place in 2011 ;)

May 16, 2011 at 11:36 PM

Blogger Lisa G said...

Hi Bree! Great race! Sounds like you were really on top of it mentally and that is a huge part of racing triathlons. See you at Honu in a few weeks!

May 17, 2011 at 5:36 AM

Blogger Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

It looks like you had a jolly good race, given that with the later start from the boys you had to go a lot of it alone. I hope Honu attracts a few big name girls besides you and it actually turns out into a race on your home turf. The bike computer surely can't be that important since you don't have one on the swim, you just need to see a few butts in the distance.

May 17, 2011 at 6:07 AM

Blogger Michelle Simmons said...

Was great having you over here, Bree! You were super fun to chase, at least for a little while. ;) Congrats on your super run! You were flying!!

May 17, 2011 at 7:50 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

You did the right thing not wearing a wetsuit. When I wear one I just forget to kick and end up doing the whole swim leg as a pull set :-(
I assume a 5 is a good thing! it sounds like run strong right to the finish line and the new run course....well sometimes is better not know! that way you keep running and hoping that the worst is over until you get to the end. can i swap my city with honu please?

May 17, 2011 at 11:35 AM

Blogger tinaparker87 said...

You never cease to amaze me. Way to go Bree ;)

May 18, 2011 at 7:09 AM


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