Saturday, June 25, 2011

Half Full Kona...

The weekend started here (see above). After the training it was off to the beach for Kainoa's field trip. It's one thing to play at the beach with a couple little beach go-ers, but an entire preschool full was ANOTHER thing! It was lots of splashing and laughing, perhaps a perfect day at "school".

Tomorrow is Kona Marathon Runs. You have no idea how much I wanted to run the full marathon. FULL, FULL, FULL. For years I've wanted to run the full, but this year more so than ever. I'm not racing Ironman Hawaii this season, to race the full would help me feel as if I'd run at least the marathon part of the Ironman. It's the same course except we start in Keahou, (near the Alii Drive turn around of the Ironman), still run past the pier where the Ironman marathon starts and then out to the good ol' Energy Lab. It's not the distance of 26.2 miles, (I'll have my chance with that at a REV3 Iron distance and a WTC Ironman event later in the season), its just doing that special part of Ironman Hawaii that I will really miss...


HALF, HALF, HALF, is what i'll run tomorrow. I'm cool with that, I'd like to PR it, and the reason for the half over the full is that wonderful race in 2 weeks, (I'm pretty sure I can recover faster from a half than a full). The hard part is I "FEEL" marathon ready! The endurance and the pace are totally in my legs at the moment, you know how that "marathon pace" sort of takes over in training. The half is a different speed and well, hmmmm, let's just say I hope to run as fast as Kainoa did in his race last weekend! He took that race by the horns and never looked back, it was all GO and nothing stopping him, not his mind, not the giant cinnamon roll for breakfast, not even the other boys. He just ran. In fact he ran in the way he knows how, starting with that "ready stance" he learned in karate class.


Tomorrow I better run like I know how, training race or not, and look on the bright side that I get to at least run HALF of the FULL Ironman Hawaii marathon.The sister will be racing too, you know how that goes, "sisterly love". It's time to roll out the legs from today's ride, I've got 13.1 miles to run with all my guts and heart and legs and mind and maybe a couple gels too...




Blogger Kelly said...

Have fun, Bree!! I so wish I was going to Rev3 Portland...just too far for this east coast girl!!

June 25, 2011 at 3:08 PM

Blogger The Nottage Fambily said...

Three beautiful young women; two of which I know for a fact are mothers', will be serenading the streets of Kona this morning; really; really fast!! Woo Hoo!! Thanks for the lovely numbers photo!!

June 26, 2011 at 6:33 AM


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