Sunday, June 26, 2011

Half of a Marathon...

Today was the Kona Marathon, and a bunch of other distances. I lined up with the "half of a marathon" runners and was glad I did. Sunday runs have always been a favorite part of training and even more cool when you get to line up with most the run community and roughly 1,500 people from all over in 2 shoes. This race is so awesome, the race directors, the volunteers, friends, family, and so many people from K-Town are out there making our day possible and helping us get it done.

2 goals hung with me today, #1 run smart and #2 break a 1:20. The second I thought would happen if the first happened. From the get-go I let all the boys go, I started at 6:25 pace and thought to hang onto that for 2 miles then pick it up. The pace felt so easy (but doesn't everything feel easy from the start?!). Patiently I waited till the end of mile 2 to get moving despite feeling like everyone and former students were passing me (seriously).


Sometime during mile 3 I realized I was not focused. My music was bothering me, that has NEVER happened. So I stuffed my IPOD in my sports bra and all of a sudden the focus was there, seriously I could hear myself breathe and feel my body running, it was kind of weird. Then I saw my friends Jim, Jim, and Maggie on the sea wall, I got so excited! You would have thought it had been months since I'd seen them judging by the following photo (in reality it was Friday at Swim practice I saw them last, and Jim yesterday on our bike ride).


Ready to see a VERY embarrassing photo? Okay, check it out, that IS NOT FOCUS like goal #1...

Okay, stop laughing, joke is over. At that point the focus came on strong! I got my pace where it needed to be, the IPOD was now hiding far from my ears, and everything was smooth sailing along the Kona Coast...

That's my focused self, thanks Wendy for the photo!

I kept the focus the rest of the day, the only problem was the first 2 miles were too easy and I never made up the time. Oh believe me I tried, a couple miles dipped under 6 but it was not fast enough and I landed with 6:10 pace for a 1:20 and change.. Maybe for once I started too easy, but really I'm thinking I lacked any speed work since we just got back into base & volume after the Half Ironman. The legs felt like they could run all day but never any faster than that, Ill totally take the day, anytime my focus makes an improvement (like ditching an IPOD), you better believe that is a major milestone for me...

As for very cool news, my little sister ran her 2nd half marathon today, she did amazing! She had her son last year, the hubby got her a jogging stroller, and today all the baby pushing paid off! She raced her little heart out and landed 3rd woman over all! This photo is awesome! (Thank you Wrighthouse family). The 4th place girl was hot on her heals the last few miles and Brooke just never gave up, it was such an incredible finish between the 2 girls, so many of us were loving the excitement as they gave the crowd a show for the podium! She ran a 1:36, 10 minutes faster then her first try! Way to go sis, love ya! AND of course congrats to Rebecca (our dear friend in the wheel chair above) who tackled the 5k like a champ!

All around good day for the Kona crew and those from outer islands, Japan, and the mainland! Same place, same time next year?! I love this race. 2 more weeks now till the REV3 Portland half, getting excited for another trip, another triathlon, and another opportunity in sport...

Oh, last thing, check out the stud in the photo! Frank Shorter, in yellow, he always comes back to this event. He won the gold in the 1972 Olympic Marathon and calls Kona Marathon one of his favorites, I agree with him! Today he ran the half, cruised it more like, he said he reached the turn around 3 minutes before his PR for the entire half years ago, nevertheless very inspiring to see him around the run events with such a history in the sport.

Mahalo Nui for all the support! Lots of aloha, and congrats to all the runners today for waking up and running on the island together!



Blogger rr said...

I remember a time when you were visible (during a running race) even if you were just a speck up ahead --- those days are long gone! Awesome race, Wee, 1:20 is super fast. And you looked great doing it! You make me want to run fast!! xoxo

June 27, 2011 at 12:45 PM

Blogger Terrish B said...

Fun Fun!! Great job to you and your sister :)

June 27, 2011 at 5:54 PM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Bree i think you've reached Run Nirvana when you ditched the ipod and just enjoyed listening to your body working :-) it's a great feeling, almost like meditating. tht chap who keeps coming back to run the marathon...I hope to be like him when i geet to that age. People like them inspire me and make me want to look forward to getting older and still doing sport.
glad to know you had a great race surrounded by your friends and family.

June 28, 2011 at 7:26 AM

Blogger marian said...

wow! congratulations! you did it again, bree.

June 28, 2011 at 6:09 PM


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