Monday, July 18, 2011

Back To School, By Kainoa...

Hi, pull up a chair, I'm taking over my mom's computer again to give you the scoop on "All things Kindergarten", trust me, I'm 5 now. Over a giant cinnamon roll during breakfast I counted as high as I could, said all my colors in English and Hawaiian, said the ABC's 10x, then I spelt my name frontwards and backwards. I had to, today was my Kindergarten placement test and it's a big deal. I'm talking BIG deal! Where you are placed in Kindergarten can totally set up your entire Elementary school experience! I mean, you forget the colors, numbers, shapes, and ABC's and you might land in the class that is still eating their boogers. Like I said, trust me, I'm 5 now...

Mom already enrolled me in the big "K", there is no backing out now. I went to preschool for a couple hours, and then the mother showed up and drove me to Kahakai Elementary. Even if I didn't live in this school district she would MAKE me go here, I just know it. She thinks its the best school on the island, maybe in the entire world. It might be the fact she used to teach here, or maybe she just loves the teachers, or maybe because its the closest school on the island to the beach, I'm not sure yet but after a few weeks Ill make up my own mind just how good it really is...

The moment my little feet set foot on the school I feel like I'm in heaven! There are 2 play grounds, a garden, a basket ball court, a big library, a lunch room bigger than my entire preschool, and its 2 stories, I love stairs! Mom starts doing that thing she always does when she gets excited, "Oh hi, how are you? Oh my gosh, so good to see you, how is this and that blah, blah, blah going!?!", then hugs and kisses and talks till I about fall asleep. It was sort of embarrassing, I mean really mom. BUT that's what happens when she knows all the teachers. I bet she has spy's on me at that school and I wont be able to get away with anything.


As soon as her catching up was done it was off to take my placement test. I did my best, counted, told colors, shapes, numbers, letters, wrote my name, did all the things I learned in preschool and the past 5 years of my life. It was easy till the teacher asked me to read some words, I cant read yet. Well, I know a few words, but reading?! I'm still trying to tie my own shoes! I suppose that wont land me in the class with all the Doogie Houser MD kids. Friday I find out my teacher, SO EXCITED!!!

...and then this. Volunteering! My mom is such a do-gooder kind of person, looks like she will be spying on me herself! I guess that's okay, I still kiss and hug my mom in public, but in first grade she better not try a stunt like that. Speaking of my mom, she is gave me a choice today. In Kindergarten you get to bring lunch from home or eat the school lunch! Do you believe it, a choice! I wonder what school lunch is like, I cant wait to find out. I told her I want her to pack my lunch, she always makes me good food and that means I get to get my very own lunch box! How cool is that?!

There it is, my little school. That closed door above the side walk on the 2nd floor is my moms old class room. She really misses it. She told me all about life at Kahakai and how it was some of the best years of her life. She also told me a really funny story about being 9 months pregnant with me, she got really sick one day and right in the middle of class she felt herself getting ready to throw up, she didn't have time to make it to the bathroom, so she threw up in the trash can during class, in front of all her 3rd graders! I bet they thought it was SO AWESOME! hahahahahaha! I guess you could say I was going to this school before I was ever born! That's so cool!

After my test and a little tour I got my picture taken for my very own library/lunch card! I'm so ready! The only thing left to do was SHOP for school supplies! Off to Target we went...

My school supply list was massive! 4 boxes of crayons and 3 bottles of glue had me getting very excited! The other things were fun too, markers, folders, pencil box, back pack, you know, FUN! But then we got paper towel, soap, tissues, whats up with that?! Are they making me clean in school or what? Mom said it's stuff for everyone to share, for clean up. Looks like Kindergarten is going to be FULL OF MESSES! It was such a great day, I highly suggest everyone goes to Kindergarten...

This is my last week of preschool, Friday I GRADUATE, and then I get a couple weeks of NO SCHOOL! Summer, oh yeah!! Check out my preschool class mates and I? They grow us so cool in Hawaii, we are all a bunch of fun kids. Hey, maybe some of my preschool friends will be in my Kindergarten class! That would be awesome!


Kindergarten I am ready for you!



OpenID Jennifer said...

Ha!! Loved this post; it made me remember how much I loved Kindergarten :-) Kainoa's going to have a blast.

July 19, 2011 at 4:19 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Kainoa, I wish I could go back to school too. they were the best years of my life and i made lots of friends, I;m still in contact with quite a few of them. It's so cool to remember what we used to get up to in class and what our teachers were like.
You're going to love kindergarten!

You don't have to wear a uniform do you?

July 19, 2011 at 9:06 AM

Blogger Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

So cute!! How exciting to celebrate these milestones as a mom. Loved the pics in your last blog! Keep enjoying life!

July 19, 2011 at 10:02 AM

Blogger JBeach said...

I hope he gets Carol Fuller, she had my daughter reading on the mid-2nd grade level by the end of K. My son was at beginning 2nd grade level. She the best.

July 19, 2011 at 3:30 PM

Blogger gelmertri said...

Thx for the heads up on school supplies! My son starts K the day after Labor Day. Can't believe he is headed off to the "big" school! Still have to take the placement test - and we are just starting on how to tie shoes, also not sure if he could read any words - maybe his name? I know he is good at writing it backwards: werd!

July 20, 2011 at 7:28 AM


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