Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beach Closed?

According to the front page of this mornings paper, 3 miles of beach were "Off limits for ocean use", thanks to the sharks. I'm going to guess NOBODY read this mornings paper because the beaches were FULL of everyone lavishing up Summer! Including us. We began our "beaching" above the ocean, 1200 ft to be exact. Just a couple months ago Kona got the approval to take the parasail that high, most around the world only go 800ft and this place is one of the very few in the entire world that got the "go" to get high! It was so awesome to see the entire ocean where we swim, fish, surf, and play from above. We even saw a shark, a hammer head! Dolphins from above also put on a show...

The best was Kainoa. He was so excited to be on the giant swing! I kept thinking to myself, "He is such an incredibly blessed 5 year old", I mean really, I never got to go above the ocean 1200 feet when I was 5! It was cool seeing him excited. The free fall part wasn't all smiles though, having 3 of us made the drop a little speedy and he grabbed for the swing pretty quick. My entire life, well since 1st grade when my grandpa died falling from a very tall hotel building, I have been TERRIFIED of heights, I'm talking BEYOND scared, this was good for me to get up there, in fact it now has me entertaining the idea of skydiving...

With my recovery week in full force through the weekend that left EVEN MORE time for Summer. Making good use of it, palm trees drenched the day.

We played in shore break too. This is totally my "money shot" of the shore break. Snapped it right before the wave curled over me, seriously this excites me, not that it takes a lot to entertain me, but it was fun playing in the shore break like a kid trying to get that "perfect moment" before the wave takes you out. Swim practice? Race start practice? I think so...

...and then we got our waves. We looked for sharks and thankfully did not have any (that we saw), in the line up with us. Again, nobody read the front page as the ocean was FULL of families, kids, adults, everyone on boards and swimming! In my opinion, the sharks are always there, they live in the ocean. It something that will forever be unavoidable, and hopefully remain safer than driving. You know you are more likely to get hurt in a car than by a shark?

The day was definitely very cool. One more like it and then its back into action all things triathlon. Another something cool happened today too, Kainoa got to really experience an everyday opportunity to give. I love when this happens because I want him to understand that even though his life is beautiful there is so much around us that can make it hard. We are in no way rich in terms of "dollars", other things, yes. Last weekend thanks to the good folks at REV3 I did land a payday too, that helped for sure. Before our beach adventure we stopped at the market and Kainoa grabbed a musubi, some nori sheets, and yogurt. I grabbed some waters. We never looked at the prices, just put them on the counter, ready to pay. A man next to us was counting coins in his hand, handed the cashier bread, and asked the price. After she told him he put the bread back and walked away. Kainoa looked at me, I looked at him and a rush of "I have it so good" flooded over me and hurt for him invaded the good parts of my heart. Now of course at a fancy restaurant I would have to check the prices, but at a market for little things, after a weekend payday, we were okay. We bought the mans bread, he tried to give us his coins, after we didn't accept them all 3 of us were in tears. It was a rough spot I wish nobody had to know, if it were candy, beer, or something like that he couldn't afford I would have thought different, but it was bread. That was a good lesson for us, reminded us to save our pennies and appreciate what we have even more than we do...

With that, we then appreciated a sunset! Another one again this week and equally as beautiful, maybe even more so because it was with 3 of our best friends we got to share it.

One more big family day for this momma tomorrow, better get rested up...





Blogger Jill Costantino said...

Love this - the richness we find in our lives through the simple and small things! Kainoa's got a great Mom and you have a great son. More than anything in this world that we can do for our children, I believe it is the time we have with them learning and discovering and exploring together! What a fortunate little family you guys are:)

July 17, 2011 at 5:37 AM

Blogger Kiet said...

So you being you. 10 days we reunite.

July 17, 2011 at 5:01 PM

Blogger Dawn said...

Awesome blog... love seeing your adventures out there. And what a great mommy you are to your son, showing him the good things in life. What a beautiful life you have, Bree! Thanks for sharing! :)

July 17, 2011 at 7:37 PM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Kainoa will remember these moments forever.

The man with the bread just reminds me that there is so much we take for granted and how lucky we are, sometimes we don't even realise it. You have a heart of gold Bree.

July 18, 2011 at 7:42 AM


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