Monday, July 25, 2011

Kindergarten Bound...

Kainoa's preschool graduation was a smashing success! Hawaiian music filled our ears, lei's covered the children, and smiles beamed across the faces of the proud parents and families. It really was a beautiful evening. Recess starts now, 2 weeks till the big KINDERGARTEN....

Kainoa is still the same little boy despite everything he has learned about numbers and ABC's, he still holds that spark for life, appreciation for the little things, and of course a way to find trouble, er humor in everything. It's been a good thing for me to watch him grow up. He's taught me to relax and let life unfold as it will without me getting in my own way. One of the biggest lessons is to just "let it go". With him home from school, training will be challenged for time. Ive definitely relaxed and am learning this will have to be a quality over quantity thing. I'm sure I can bribe my sister for a few hours for some help too. Again though, Kainoa has reminded me more times than not that life always finds a way of working itself out...


I am sure with Kainoa's new bicycle skills we can make training happen as team work too, recovery days with the 5 year old, perfect. This week we have totally mapped a few "memories in the making". It includes some beach, the Smurf movie, a visit to the Art Center to paint and create clay things, he wants to ride a horse, I want to take a nap, somewhere between sunshine and a nap we will eventually land in Kindergarten at Kahakai Elementary...excited!

This is Kainoa's "secret crush". She was the sweet girl he was caught trying to kiss in class. Oh the memories of preschool. Like the time he puked all over me in the parking lot, the first week of preschool when he peed during nap, all week, in his pants. The time he was sent home in girls purple pants, the parties, the baking for his little class, those incredible teachers! All the Hawaiian they learned and Kainoa challenging me to learn it too so I could understand him, getting him to class dripping wet after swim practice, the field trips, and thankfully there will be SO MANY more memories to come in Kindergarten!


Okay.... it's bed time, not because school is tomorrow, but MOM IS TIRED!



Blogger Regina said...

Wow, your school year is totally different than ours. My guy starts kindergarten in September too! They grow so fast, *sniff*. Congratulations Kainoa!

July 26, 2011 at 2:01 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

it looks like both of you had fun at graduation

July 26, 2011 at 7:35 AM


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