Friday, August 5, 2011

Aloha Weekend...

Friday FINALLY arrived. The week was such a clustering of the good, the weird, and the things that make you go, hmmm?. Thankfully the good was so good, it helped everything else just fade away. It's weeks like these that make me really, really, appreciate being mom to Kainoa, being able to escape into his little world, that of Kindergarten this week, was so much more exciting than anything going on with me...
This morning I had a mission to start the day counting blessings and not the other stuff. Off to sniff the flowers, all of them...

Swim practice this morning was the OCEAN and the OCEAN never disappoints. What began as a crew of roughly 12 of us soon trickled down to 3. Aimee and I chased Karlyn's feet as if she were shark bait and we were on the hunt. That woman is all business when it comes to swimming. This was a much more appropriate swim workout for me heading into Philippines 70.3 as I am sure a long racey swim without any walls, flip turns, or stops would make me focus nonstop. If you've ever swam with Karlyn you know she is one of the most decorated swimmers in the world, its a treat to have her on swim workouts. Well, you also will know she takes off her top at the first buoy beyond where tourists on shore can see anything and leaves it off till we get back near shore.

We swam pretty comfortable on the way to Honl's with a mini stop to check out the bike that catches my attention almost every long swim. I just love it. The return was a race. Cody took out a board to paddle guide our swim, (you know, keep the girls safe with the 3 shark sightings this week, the 12 foot tiger might just want him more than us...). Having him out there meant Karlyn finally had someone faster than her, she chased him like it was nobody's business and Aimee and I were holding on for dear life! Seriously if a shark came they wouldn't even know the way she was racing up front!


All that I kept saying over and over in my mind was, "She has to eventually stop and put on her top, she has to eventually stop and put on her top, she has to.....". Seriously, she was not stopping. We got almost all the way to shore and THEN she stopped for the top. By that time i felt like a jelly fish-done!

...and then on the bike. All my belly kept saying was, "feed me", but I know in a race, after a swim like that, I don't get to stop for a big breakfast, or any breakfast really. It was "race day nutrition calories" that had to do the trick. Phoooey, but that's something I need to practice. You better believe on the way home I stopped at the Acai shop (Basik). Not sure I would have made it home without stopping for breakfast. We ate then rode home happy...


And all days, the good, the weird, and the ones that make you go, hmmmmm, end in a sunset. We soaked up that sunset and once again thankfulness took over...

Looking out across the Pacific I can just feel the Philippines getting closer and closer. Tomorrow I'll do a few hour ride, hopefully land in the ocean, and take a little run. I'm so glad the weekend is here...

Have a great weekend,



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

OMG! Karlyn swimm's topless!!! How Funny! Yes, I've seen her set a world record for the 400IM a few years ago here in london. I'm eternally grateful for her workshops too.
So with your bike nutrition on race day, do you sneak in some Hawaiin goodies?
I do stick some cubes of portuguese quince marmalade in my bento box as they'se so fruity!
Philipine's will be a blast.

August 6, 2011 at 9:18 AM


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