Saturday, August 27, 2011

Double Wee Weekend of Racing...

oooh, feet in the sand, sunset, a little prerace dinner picnic with Kainoa, PERFECT. This was quiet possibly the best way to settle down from a very full day. However, once the moonlight began to do that dancing thing it does on water it was very difficult to leave. The race tomorrow pulled me away...
I'm very excited to race, it is one of the things I enjoy most in the world, not to mention its a "backyard race" . The race is 3 miles from home. The big hill we climb (Kam3) to kick start the ride is where Gary smashed me on hill repeats all Tuesday morning, and the run is my favorite "out of the way" run. A little hill, big hill, down hill, trail, golf course, and everything in between. AND the highlight, all the training partners are part of the race either as solo or relay.
Speaking of relay, my sister has once again put together a relay with her as the runner, hoping to beat me to the finish. Sibling rivalry never fades. Her team name is "Three to beat Bree". WOW, got to love it! Her hubby (also known as my favorite bike tech at Bike Works) is riding, Ridge is swimming, and she will be running. I have to get to the finish line before her or I'll never hear the end of it...

The day began here. Kainoa's race check in. HE WAS FIRED UP! It is always so CALM having him at races, to him it's so pure, so simple, just something he LOVES to do and it shows. Tomorrow will be special with him waiting at the finish line and cheering...

This was his focus time. He just ate more snacks, drank some water, tied up his KSWISS-ers even tighter, and talked about everything that makes him happy, not really anything to do with the race but everything to do with having a good time. Stole a few lessons from him...

Our pre-race chat. So you might think it was me giving him a pep talk, other way around. He was telling me how to be calm, how to love what I do, and just reminding me of a few very important moments that have gotten me to this place in sport. Training day tomorrow or not, this is a race and that's what I do. A pep talk from a 5 year old, perfect!

..and the start line. Once again the karate stance comes out shining in all it's glory. He had me laughing so hard. If you have want to see children have so much fun, no matter if they are in the front or the back of the pack, check out the children's races near you! Honestly, good stuff seeing sport so thoroughly enjoyed! AND I MEAN TRULY, THOROUGHLY, ENJOYED.

The swim course (beyond the point) for the adults tomorrow and in the bay for the children today. Ah, loving Hawaii racing!

The keiki run in action! Oh I was loving this! A handful of the girls kept their swim caps on the entire race and through the run shoot! I dare some of you to try this next race! Talk about fast transitions!! And one of the girls ran in slippers!! Some boys bare feet (that includes the part over the lava path). Loved this, truly, purely, sport at it's most simplest!

Kainoa stole my job as the awards person. He loved being the one to hand out medals and I enjoyed watching him hard at work!

Okay, one Wee finished and one Wee to go on the double Wee weekend of racing. Kainoa had a nice race, next up momma has to follow his lead. GOOD night from us!!.


Blogger Jamie said...

I love that you are passing on your chill racing attitude to future Wee generations. :-)

August 28, 2011 at 3:33 AM

Blogger Dawn said...

He is a mini-you! So darn cute!! Good luck with your race, how fun. :)

August 28, 2011 at 7:50 AM


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