Friday, August 12, 2011

I Didn't Try The Baby Quail Eggs in The Philippines...

Tomorrow I want to be this girl, the one grabbing hold of the tape with that giant sense of "WOW, I did this, I'm hurting but it was so worth it!" I just want to be proud of a good day out there, one where the swimbikerun all comes together and the mind stays focused on the task at hand. I'll be honest, (I'm good at that), my body does not feel super at the moment. Maybe the jet lag maybe not. In the midst of being thrilled to be here and keeping positive, one of the other Hawaii girls and I made an agreement on our ride today, "To have the absolute most fun possible tomorrow". After that, it just makes sense, simple plan, within my control. The body is where it is and being race day tomorrow there really isn't any training or major recovery secret to tackle that will change that, but I can control how much I enjoy the race, that part is all in my head...
This morning was the children's race. The pro's had an option to be there supporting or not since a paycheck was on the line for us the following day. Being that my legs feel like they are still back home in Hawaii I figured standing at the finish line passing out medals to the children couldn't make me any worse off, in fact it may even help me. Seeing the race reminded me of the child like passion I have for sport and life. My face hurts from smiling so much, from cheering so loud, and my feet feel better for it. It reminded me of everything good about triathlon. It even reminded me of Kainoa and that little face always makes for a good thought.

After the children's race it was time for swim practice. Once again, I felt at home in the water and I let go of the irritating lag coming from my body. In fact I just swam till I felt better, till everything loosened up, because just sitting still was not helping, why not go enjoy a swim in the Philippines? I enjoyed the swim VERY much...

Look at this place! Honestly, this is my favorite race course of all them all over the world! It's not the easiest or most difficult, it's just right. Volcanoes for a back drop, beautiful people, and it feels so much like home. In fact I am more excited for this race than I was for Hawaii 70.3 and that's my back yard. I even like it better than REV3 Costa Rica and that's my home away from home too! Okay so I have 3 favorites, we can have a 3-way tie, right?

The only part of the Philippines I've yet to really embrace is the balut and baby quail eggs. They were passing out the quail eggs post swim and knowing it was hot enough out that you can literally crack them and watch them fry on the street just didn't sound tempting to me. The corn chili tuna and coconut Power Bars I can handle, (both were given in our race packets, yes that's racing Philippines style). I even did the local dance, ate the chicken, and drank the water too...

Other than the big race tomorrow there are 2 things left to do here in the Philippines, I take that back, a few more. One of them is give away a box of school supplies Kainoa packed for a little kid out here. I'm on a mission for the right kid, he made me promise to find just the kid. On my search today I found a few boys digging in the rubbish. I was busted giving them a dollar. That was enough for them to all buy lunch. We aren't supposed to give the kids any money, but how can you not when you see them searching in rubbish for something to eat? It breaks my heart too much. I blamed it on Kainoa, if he was here he would make me share with the kids.

Speaking of giving, there are 20 of us here from the Big Island on a bit of a mission. Together we collected over 300 pairs of shoes, (GIANT mahalo to KSwiss and all those that sent us shoes), we gathered school supplies, clothes, tooth brushes and tooth paste, and have organized a way to give back to the community of Cam Sur. The first day we arrived the team went into the local school and spread out A LOT of aloha, it was unreal. Sadly, I was stuck on the runway for 2hours and only got to see pictures. Monday after the race we have one more day to give away more stuff to those that need it. It's pretty cool to be able to do more than sport during a triathlon.

As always, this trip would not be possible without the incredible people that have my back. Coach Jimmy, Travis Blanton, my family, training partners, Coach Steve and Kona Aquatics, without a doubt Kainoa, his cheers and constant belief in his moms ability to bring him home a medal are unreal. To Trakkers/REV3, KSwiss, Swift Bikes, Splish, Bike Works, Blue Seventy, and God above for this opportunity too! Ooooh, and last but not least, the incredible Philippines 70.3 team that got me back here and make this race NO KA OI!! By the way, the above photo is of the Swift Bike Asia/Pacific team manager, how cool to be way over here and get to meet part of the team?!

Good Luck to everyone racing tomorrow, hope your day is a good one. To the other pro women I am so thankful to spend tomorrow "at the office" working/getting worked by you! And to the Hawaii crew here, so excited to have some ohana over here with me, lets get our hula on tomorrow!




Blogger Trisaratops said...

I love love love your pictures! And I also love that you give so much to those in need. That's pretty awesome.

Have a great race!

August 13, 2011 at 3:29 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I think it is brilliant that you don't just race in these places but that you get in touch with the local community and try to give something back..a bit like going to someone's house and bringing a gift. So cool

August 14, 2011 at 9:28 PM

Blogger Gigi Wong said...

Love Love the double mission you are in Cam Sur! How fortunate you can give out to the local community! what a great Aloha team:)

August 16, 2011 at 5:37 AM


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