Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lavaman Keahou -PAU!

The day began here...

The day ended here...

Today was the easiest day of this week. Honestly. I am no stranger to go, go, going. But man this week just kept on goooooooooooing. By the time Lavaman rolled around it felt as if I'd already done a race of at least 3x the distance. However, the day went really well and somehow the body is getting really good at going with the new flow of my life as of lately...

The sun was rising up over Hualalai this morning and the air, the ocean, the race atmosphere just lingered with that happy calm that is found best at "home". I found Aimee and Karlyn, (the fish I'd been chasing a lot lately), and did warm up with them. They have been more than incredible for swim training. I've been really trying to improve my swim since getting home from the Philippines and already in the few ocean swims with them I've seen progress. Lots.

The swim started out AMAZING! I had the feet of Karlyn and Tim Marr for the first 1200, not even kidding. The entire swim I had this song (click here) playing in my head. Kainoa had been watching Soul Surfer and well, this song always inspired me. "She wants to be free...close your eyes to cry...nobody knows the price of this away...try to believe...we have just one life..." those lines kept playing over and over and I could not let go of their feet. It wasn't like they were slacking, I was just so at home in the Pacific. It was a swim I'd never raced before, ever. I seriously kept singing those lines and said to myself, "Bree you are having the best swim of your life-ever, you are going to get out with them". Then I looked at Hualalai, the sun coming up, and lost their feet. They were going that fast that a slip up cost me. I landed into a buoy, directed off by a life guard, swam out too far to the right, finally saw 2 swimmers clear to the left and tacked on to them. I'm still counting that swim as one of the best of my swim life, just a lousy mistake that cost me the opportunity to hang on the last minute of the swim with 2 swimmers I'm constantly MINUTES behind.

The bike went super too. It began with a giant climb from the ocean, across the back end of Ali'i, then all the way up Kam3. Tuesday I did hill repeats all morning on this very hill, and you better believe I felt each of them stinging my quads. Thankfully I also felt like the hill was easy from doing it so many times! So I got to the top and about spun like a crazy girl with the mini cranks on. Still have to get used to this spin thing as I really miss pushing my 70 cadence, it all worked out okay though and I know (as I've been told) that patience on the bike with the new cranks will soon pay off as my legs get stronger at spinning like this...I don't like it, yet.

Some of the keiki waiting on their parents. It really does take the entire community to put on such a great race. The volunteers were priceless and all the aunties & uncles that helped watched the children were appreciated! Giant MAHALO to each of them for making the day possible for all of us!

A couple of the relay run moms waiting on their bikers. The little sis (left) ran her heart out to hunt me down, looks like a rematch is in order! It is always one of the best parts of home town racing...FAMILY!

The run I was looking most forward to, like the swim I've really been plugging away and was looking forward to running tired so I could try out my new mental tricks for focus. Holy cow, the run was exhausting from the start! In fact, my shoe came untied and I was thankful. I wanted to stop and tie it, so I stopped and tied it. The happiness from running was there but it was a rough go and I'm not happy that I wasn't able to pull it together for such a short run. It all worked out okay though as the other girls never caught me, nor did the sister, or the handful of training partners I was trying to beat, (you know BIG bragging rights come with hometown races with training partners!!)

The most welcome sight of the day was seeing Kainoa waiting near the finish line. He gave me a lei, a kiss, and then we ran together the last part of the run. He of course, beat me through the finish line. It was such a good way to end a very long week. In fact, it was nearly perfect.

And like all races in Hawaii, the ocean calls us for a recovery float near the finish line...

The awards parties at home are always no ka oi! All the training partners, friends, and family relax under palms, or in the sun, on mats and towels. It's really what makes these events so great, a family day from start to finish. Of course this is where we all trade stories of the day too. Kainoa still not wore out, of course...

And the fish that I've been chasing, Aimee and Karlyn. If you wonder how looking up just once cost me to lose her feet check her out here!

After the race it began to rain. Kainoa played in it, of course. And since the lanai was a mess we decided to plant seeds and make a bigger mess for the rain to clean. After that he STILL wasn't pooped from the day so we painted. That boy is full on FULL OF LIFE. He just squeezes every drop of time out of the day, I love it, but I'm not 5 and I'm ready for bed!


Sincerely, thank you Gerry Rott and the Lavaman Keahou staff and volunteers. You all were amazing and put on such a great event. Now I have to wait all the way till Ironman Florida for another triathlon, sounds like a great plan.

Oh, a high light of this week, was working on my own bike twice! It wasn't any major bike repairs, but it was enough to make me feel like I'm learning my bike better. AND the good news, no bike malfunctions during the race :) Bike Works crew, you taught me well!



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

The race sounds perfect, apart from that hill. Bree you're a super swimmer, don't kid yourself,after all you were keeping up with Karlyn. The post race recovery with all your friends, so cool! You didn't say it but form your report you won it again...I think!

August 29, 2011 at 5:04 AM

Blogger Dawn said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Kainoa is too cute. Way to race, again, Bree... esp with all your friends and family there!! How fun and how lucky you are. Such a beautiful life you have... :) Oh, loved Soul Surfer, made me think of you and your island life... how peaceful. I have to download some of those songs!

August 29, 2011 at 8:30 AM

Blogger Jill Costantino said...

Great race out there Chica! That so awesome to be able to race with your friends and play after. Great pics and Congrats on the win:)))

August 30, 2011 at 10:37 AM

Blogger Chris Gregory said...

Impressive performance as usual. You are a SUPER mom.

September 1, 2011 at 9:25 PM


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