Friday, August 26, 2011

Looking Up...

Sometimes you just have to look up! My mother always had this saying growing up, something like, "worry looks around, regret looks back, and faith looks up". Pretty sure I never liked her telling me that in high school or college, but this week in my adult life it all made sense.

If I looked at my watch it was like looking around, I was always running out of time attempting to fit in the training load and get to Kindergarten pick up on time. However, I never looked back. There is no regret in any of this week. My volume is picking up as I'm training for my first Ironman of the season, It really will be a year since I've raced an Ironman and I "almost" forgot how much more training it is after only Olympic and half iron races so far this season. Excited is an understatment, I'm not-so-secretly THRILLED to go 140.6.

This week has truly been better views looking up, in many, many ways. From coconut palms, to sun rises over Hualalai, to 3 days in a row with rainbow filled Sky's, to sunsets surreal, and of course star lit evenings on the island.

Again we did that "Magic" Sands Beach swim today and again I had to hold on really tight. It hurt worse because of the miles in my legs but it felt better, after surviving the last few swims with this crew I had full confidence I could do it again. From there a 4hr ride that got cut short a tiny, tiny bit as motherhood called. ALMOST made all the miles and I'd like to report yesterday I made ALL of them. I'm telling you I WILL make a week sooner than later where I get in ALL the miles and arrive on time to Kindergarten...just you wait!

After a 5 day week filled with swimbikerun miles plenty and ABC's, 123's galore, Kainoa and I have found some fun to fill the weekend! Tomorrow he will race in the Lavakids and Sunday I'll race in the Lavaman. Of course we are excited about this, there is nothing he loves more than running around with all the island boys and girls and you better believe I will equally enjoy running around with all the island boys and girls on Sunday.

When I asked Kainoa, (jokingly of course), if I could have his medal tomorrow after the race, he said, "Mom, no way, you have to go get your own". You gotta be kidding me...

Good luck to all the racers all over this weekend! Keep looking up...



Blogger Beth said...

That is an awesome saying your mom has! :) Good luck this weekend to both you and Kainoa!

August 27, 2011 at 12:56 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I love your mum's saying. It's so true. OMG you've had such a tight schedule since Kainoa moved to kindergarten,it looks like you're finding a away to train around his timetable. Good luck with the race tomorrow! :-)

August 27, 2011 at 4:38 AM


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