Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fair is No Longer About Me...

Bree Wee, welcome to the world of "Kainoa's turn". Tonight the family and I went to the fair and to my surprise, it is no longer all about me. Growing up our parents let us ride all the rides while they stood on the sides happily snapping our pictures. They took us to play games, tried to win us prizes, they let us eat junk food for the night, and they patiently waited in every line, for us. I thought it was because I had boring parents that didn't like to go upside down or go fast. Wrong...wrong...wrong. Somehow, I skipped the rule in the parenting book that said, "When your child turns 5 you will no longer be the princess of the fair". Tonight it happened...
I have absolutely no problem putting Kainoa first, he is my pride and joy. Perhaps I naively thought things like the fair would be "shared family adventures". They aren't. Once a child turns 5, it's all about their "night at the fair". Seriously. I mean this. From the time we walk in Kainoa seems to know each and every kid there, is it because he started Kindergarten and now has a world of 5 year old friends? So I wait for him to chat, hug, socialize, beg for a picture with his "girlfriend". WOW, I was welcomed to a shocking Friday from the get-go.
Then all of a sudden, the animals that I always loved, (remember I started college in veterinary medicine), become HIS thing. He makes all the calls, when we feed them, pet them, and leave them. Last year, when he was 4 at the fair I was still the boss, even the fair princess still...

Tonight, I stood on the side with ALL the other moms and dads taking pictures. It was the first time in my entire life, all 5 years of having Kainoa, that I just watched. He rode with friends, no longer needing me to sit next to him. He chose the rides too. I liked it, really did enjoy seeing him grow up and become more independent on his choices and even not needing me at his side for everything. However, the princess in me STILL wanted a ride of my own. A big girl ride, something fast, upside down, and fun! In my head I'm still convinced the fair can be "shared, because I'm a cool mom".

We all marched over to the zipper, my favorite ride in the entire fair world! This ride holds precious memories. From the first time my dad stood on the side letting his little girl get on that big kid ride, to being in high school and holding hands with a boy I had a crush on, (I pretended I was SO SCARED so I could hold his hand, it worked great), to college nights out late under the stars on this zipper ride! Well, this momma wanted to ride, her turn right? The sister, the brother in law, a handful of friends, nobody would go with me.

AND then it happened, exactly as I thought, "the fair is shared", Kainoa wanted to ride! My son is AWESOME! Even after watching the zipper flip upside down, loop and spin, after hearing people scream and yell, he wanted to ride with me! Could it be, the princess of the fair SHARES with the 5 year old? No...he was too short. This year the fair was all about Kainoa and we had a darn good time! I adored all his new friends from school, the picture taking moments were priceless, and waiting in those lines for him to throw darts at balloons was so very worth every smile he smiled. When he turns 6 next year guaranteed he will be tall enough and we will ride the zipper together! Till then, the fair is no longer about me and I am totally cool with that...



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Oh i never thought about letting the new generation have centre stage when it comes to having fun. Maybe because i have no kids! You're helping to build Kainoa's memories and you still have the excuse of doing some fun stuff, just to keep him safe ;-).
I love big white knucle rides and i usually scream all the way as it maked me feel great

September 10, 2011 at 3:39 AM


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