Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last Day of Summer...

Tomorrow is Labor Day. After a little google research I discovered it all began with a protest. Workers wanted the 24hr day divided into 3. Did you know that? Neither did I. They wanted 8hrs of work, 8hrs of play, and 8hrs of rest. Growing up I just knew it meant picnics and no school on Monday. As I got older I discovered it having more to do with work/jobs and of course not wearing white for the rest of the year, (never followed that). Today I found it also celebrates the last day of Summer. As much as I love to play in the snow I don't think I'll be a part of celebrating that the sun won't shine as bright for the rest of the year, good thing I live Hawaii...

That also means I will not partake in the Labor Day tradition of putting my bikini's in the closet for a few months...

...Thankfully that also means fruit will still fill trees.

And you guessed it, our VERY hot will become cooler, just hot. In fact, today I ran my first 18 miler in preps for Ironman FL. Labor Day was not lingering here as temperatures had me running for ICE as soon as I finished the run! Seriously I saw 3 cars on the side of the road, I think they were overheating. In tri-world though, that run was so good. The kind you can only hope will happen on race day. Few more of those please legs, please!

Another thing that tells me Summer is not coming to an end is the ocean, beach, SHELLS! At sunset tonight my hand filled with the sunrise shells! If you know anything about Hawaiian history normal people were not allowed to own these, only Kings and Queens. Now people come from near and far to search the beaches of Hawaii in hopes of finding one. It's said if you do you will land yourself into some blessings. Well, that's good news for me because I've never been a lucky girl, BLESSED I can handle!

Summer sunset in full bloom....

Another good training weekend in the books. Tomorrow Kainoa comes home from his dads, no school, LABOR DAY, we will be in search of Summer fun. Whatever you find to do, hope it's a good "last day of Summer".



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

we have a bank holiday on the last Monday of August to celebrate the end of summer - late summer bank holiday, but the only difference with ours is that summer is already gone or it has never started....usually people organize a barbecue in their gardens only to find out that it's going to rain all day. It's part of the british tradition. yep! don't put your bikinis away...ever :-)

September 5, 2011 at 7:23 AM


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