Saturday, September 24, 2011

This was my Friday. A good chunk of the day was spent on the bike chasing my friend from Argentina. Not that it matters where he is from, but for some reason the Latino boy was riding as fast as the Latino girls shake their hips while dancing salsa. My ride was only supposed to have an hour and a half section "fast n' hard", but I did 4 of them "fast n' hard". Following a plan works well for the busy life I lead, I see it, do it, find a way to make it happen. However, its not often I get behind a very fast wheel on just any ol' training day. Much like when an opportunity knocks, take it. I took it.
It took every color sports drink under the rainbow, all my guts, and all my leg strength to hold on. He was sort of all business and spit the other 2 riders out on one of the climbs, that was that. Being that today felt more like "race day" than a "training day", I was sure to use all the colorful stuff we drink and grab from aid stations. My teeth felt like they were rotting out with all the stuff I was filling up on, but you know what it worked really well and my body could use a little more practice with actual race day nutrition.
Well beyond done at the finish of the ride, I now have a new appreciation for "race day nutrition at race day pace on a training day". Like I said, that doesn't happen too often on the bike for me, (and I need it), so I snagged that opportunity right up! From there I was THANKFUL it was Friday movie night with Kainoa.
Feet up for "Dolphin Tale", sitting in the cold movie theater was the perfect recovery! If you are wondering about the movie, it's alright. Really good story, just LONG for a children's movie.
Today was wake up and wait to run. In fact, I waited till it was gross hot out and forced that gear that is easier found when the sun hasn't popped up yet. Talk about 4 new tan lines, severe loss of sweat, and then the sun hid behind the clouds. Not even kidding. The very instant I finished the run it got more than cloudy out and sprinkles of rain began to fall from the sky. I got what I wanted, the VERY hot run. This week I've more than discovered we usually end up getting what we want, it often comes disguised though, or sooner or later than we are hoping for it, but it happens...
Enjoy your weekend!!


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I'm still waiting for some company to invent a salty/savoury carb bar . Well done on the raceday nutrition reharsal. Guess what? "soul surfer" just got to our cinemas this week

September 25, 2011 at 8:02 AM


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