Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bows on Gift Boxes...

Holidays have such a cool way of bringing people together. Sharing moments, making memories, and just being in the company of people you truly love, IS what makes the glittery things sparkle and those bows actually look cool on top of gifts. Today was an unbelievable example...
I run. I bike. My feet are in shoes a lot. They sweat. Toe nails fall off. I pee in my shoes on race days. I hike and get muddy volcano mess under my toe nails. It must be Christmas on the horizon because my sister "asked" if she could give my feet a make over! And she did...
Notice both of our looks of, "Oh my gosh, this is a BIG JOB". LOTS of 2011 miles in those feet...

The sister also called in a what sounded like an emergency during church. Kainoa and I rushed to her home as soon as we were out only to discover she was playing Santa's Elf, early. She had gifts under her tree, (well, they didn't even make it that far), that she was SO excited to give us. That runs in my family...

We get so excited around the holidays that we are horrible secret keepers and surprise holder. It began when we were 6, 7, and 8. We would unwrap things our parents wrapped when they were in the shower or sleeping, take a peek, then tape them back up, and act totally surprised on Christmas morning! Some things will never change. She gave me new kitchen rugs, (very needed with all the cooking we do), and Kainoa some bead mess art activity knowing I LOVE cleaning up those things.

I've been holding onto some surprises, trying my best. It's hard though, holidays take an already excited for life person and make them THAT MUCH MORE EXCITED.

Holidays also have a unique way of making more time in a single day to just BE with loved ones. It's like a 24 hour day gets 28 hours or something. Not sure how that happens, we forget to rush, hurry, and cram things in exchange for taking time to listen, talk, and hug. It's so cool. Once again, my super busy sister made extra time for Kainoa and I, she even took Kainoa during my run today despite her and the brother-in-laws massive GB Packers afternoon. I think they won. I was there, during the game, but...

...and of course the food. Seriously! It's sort of weird that food brings people together, but it does. Around a dinner table you are without so many distractions that you are left with only good conversation and many opportunities to laugh, really bond, and of course get a little full (optional). I encourage you to keep those at least-30 minute runs going throughout the holidays if your family & friends do as much "holiday-food-bonding" as mine do. It's for sure an island thing. Someone brings the rice, someone else brings the fish, and somebody better have some veggies and all of a sudden a holiday get together is full blasted...just like that...


Tomorrow is Monday, a December Monday, that makes it better. Despite the busy that happens in my Monday life, it IS DECEMBER, complete with bows on gift boxes!


Hope you are getting your jingle out :)



Blogger Christi said...

Bree reading your posts always make me smile. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures and contagious love of life!

December 5, 2011 at 4:38 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

A pedicure is one of life's little luxuries.
the food tradition applies to every country in the world, it makes for a great opportunity for socializing because let's face it, everyone likes to eat. And i like to cook too:-) and like showing off to friends

December 5, 2011 at 8:59 AM


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