Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Running In Circles...

Finally woke up before the chickens, track day does that to me, or maybe I never actually fall asleep the night before running in circles...

That's Sal on the right of me, he is my running hero, really. He is from Algeria and at 57 with 5 bypasses he still breaks 3hr marathons like a training day of fun, for fun. Every girl needs a running role model, he is mine. On various days of training he has been on the side lines (or in front as my rabbit) pushing me beyond what I have ever believed I could do, today was the same. Him and Jason (the tall one on the left), are heading over to Oahu with me next weekend. They set up the track plan and we got a few more friends that wanted to wake up and run at 6:15am to keep us company, in circles.

I'll share our workout, it's a really fun one.

  • 2 miles warm up, include a few 100's fast to get the legs and HR up.

  • 400 hard/400 easy, 300 hard/300 easy, 200 hard/200 easy, 100 hard/100 easy, all nonstop running, when you hit the line go again-hard. Repeat 5x.

  • Recover for a mile easy=total 9 miles running

As for your pacing, everyone is different depending on where you are with your running, time of year, and event training for. For us it's the half marathon. Take your goal half marathon pace, subtract 40-45 seconds and that is your 400 time. My top secret goal is 6, so I ran my 400's at 75-79 seconds. Then as the distance gets shorter you pick up the pace, roughly 20 seconds faster for each of the shorter distances. 300-55-57, 200-36, 100-17-18. You know you chose a good pace if you can hold them for all 5 rounds. I was pretty fortunate to have Sal run with me, he took the paces coach gave me and stayed with me to pace it out, except he wasn't breathing very hard and I was.

You've all heard the story on the time I tried out for track in high school, I couldn't break the 6 min mile, that's why this workout was special to me, it was all 5:00-5:20 pace miles, Sal believed those paces would be easy breakfast for me and that lead me to believe it. Wishing everyone could have just one person believe in them, damn lucky I have a few! Maybe I'm a late bloomer, but I highly doubt boobs will ever grown in, so I give credit to those in my life that inspire me and hope good stuff for me... From run to swim, okay it was a float. So lucky to live on an island and have the perfect salt bath waiting after a run like that."I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn't fall down." ~Allen H. Neuharth (had to share that quote, it's a keeper). I'm discovering it can be scary to believe in yourself because you don't want to let anyone down-maybe yourself included, but at the end of trying it really isn't the end of the world even if it doesn't go as hoped...

...and of course right to the farmers market to collect those 7 for $2 papayas! As for the new shoes, the PI, I LOVE them. I'll report more later, promise... that story can be made into a love story for the girls. Oh, one more cool thing, Kainoa reported today he wants to join the swim team! I am so happy, that day we have been waiting for, no pressure & patience finally landed us with a fish for a son!



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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Pucker up baby, this week is off to a great start! Must have been the glow, sparkle, and shine from Sunday's run that has trickled over into this week. You know how that goes, sometimes life just goes well and it carries over into whatever is going on. Training is going on here...

Must have been the millionth time I've ridden past these bunch of palm trees, today they looked extra beautiful, maybe because you can actually see the volcano in the back ground thanks to the vog being lower today. In any case, it was just me and my bike for most the morning and a note from coach reminding me not to stop or go too fast. I figured a photo op would keep me riding slow (I dont have to stop for photos). In my head all I could think of was running in a race with Kenyans, I take that as a good sign when you day dream about an upcomming race. Nice to know the motivation and desire are outweighing the nerves and any of those unwanted "what ifs..." that try to steal what could be a good day.


Thankfully I had a run today after the ride, I needed one. When you think a lot about running its the best time to actually go do it. When lacing the shoes sounds exciting, (because you know we have days it does not sound that awesome), then you have to run with it... today I ran with it. If it weren't for the fact my skin is "tan" and my okole is so much bigger than the Kenyans, I would have believed I was running with them today, as one of them. I'm reading a super good book about Kenyan running right now (nice timing heading into the CHASE), it has me so inspired. What beautiful people! Between you and me, I'm secretly hoping to meet them at the finish line, shake their hand-who am I kidding, I want to hug them!, and of course ask a few questions. Butterflies are filling me just thinking about this opportunity, then again I get fired up over every cool moment in life...

What am I learning? Beets. Lots of things actually, but beets is the think today, they are the wonder veggie for your blood and you know we need to move that lactic acid through our running veins, so of course we juiced beets and ginger tonight. Highly reccomend it if you think you need to purify your ran-down-blood :)

...and of course balance. Don't forget 4 boys are part of this house hold! Island style coconut carob balls were on hand too. Speaking of all these boys, i've come to the conclusion they take more time in the bathroom than girls. I grew up with 4 sisters and myself sharing a single bathroom all through middle school and high school, imagine that! Between checking if your skirt makes your butt look big, doing make up, and brushing your hair (we all had really long hair), we never had a problem getting bathroom time!


This morning I had a problem, a big one. Without naming any names (the high schooler), I landed out side using a ti leaf as toilet paper. Boys are so much worse! My new life sort of reminds me of camping...loving it.

Tonight (yeah Hawaiian time, 8:19 pm) the mailman brings me shoes. THEY ARE HERE! Just in time for tomorrow's run with the "Chase crew" from Hawaii. It is now bed time, I'll share our run workout with you tomorrow, I bet it's going to be a good one! I'll also report in on the PI shoes, so excited to try them out!


Big kisses!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012


I am pretty excited right now, for a couple reasons, mostly to do with running this morning. Let's start from the finish line. Okay, it wasn't a "race" this morning, it was just a "practice run" for a race in 2 weeks from today, waiting at the finish were 2 of the best faces in my life...

Unlike most mornings the alarm clock woke up before me, a little motivation was needed as yesterday must have kicked my okole worse than a big training day. I actually skipped training yesterday, not by choice, but because I'm not Cinderella and it took almost 9 hours to repaint and clean up our old home. Why I thinking it would only take 4 hours is beyond me! It felt worse than the remains of an Ironman...


Dear Bree Wee, Time to remember why you set that alarm clock, some dreams only happen when you wake up early to go run them down. Sincerely, the part of you that wants to sleep.Back to this run that has me happy I've been talking about. In the dark, after the alarm clock that woke up the "Wanna be Cinderella", I managed only to find mismatch socks which is totally fine because mine never match, but one isn't mine and I was about to stink up one of the boys socks, no time to apologize for what my feet will soon do to that sock!


Here is the scoop on the CHASE, a half marathon coming in 2 weeks on the island of Oahu. It's like most all half marathons, anyone & everyone can run & race it. However, there was an invitation sent to Jimmy Muindi and current HNL marathon champ Nicholas Chelimo, you know those men, they run Kenyan fast, 1:01 and 1:02 half marathon fast! An invitation was also sent to 24 local Hawaii runners, 12 wahine and 12 kane, of the 2 Big Island boys and the 2 Big Island girls invited, I am (thankfully) one of them.


To make it fun for the Kenyans and somewhat of a challenge, because us girls and boys from an island in grass skirts and coconut tops running in slippers just don't intimidate them, we get a head start! Serious about that!! The local girls and boys get to start, roughly an hour later (not really that long but we might need that much time), the Kenyans go and the "Chase" is on! Talk about fun...! I can hardly wait, like I said what a cool opportunity to be invited to run in the chase, being hunted by Kenyans! AND if we beat them to the line we get the payday even though we got a big head start!

Today the Big Island "Chase" team got together, we practiced CHASING, except for Jason, he was too fast to chase anyone. Intentionally we planned to run together, work together, use each other, and we did. But then the "fast pace, hold your goal pace in the race" pace section happened and then we chased-Jason. This run made me so excited, I love running, love running off island too and it will be my first half marathon on Oahu. The courses over there always seem long, maybe the hills we don't get on Alii, we made sure to run 13.30 miles to be sure to cover the 13.1 Oahu miles...


The opportunity is what has me beaming about this run. It's a little funky not being a pure runner and preparing for this big-deal-of-a-run while also getting ready for a triathlon 6 days after the half marathon. My first approach was to "just do it", how cool, right? But then I wanted to "race it", you know what I mean. So between life, love, and sport... I will run with Kenyans.

There is also a tradition in my home post-Sunday run, it's called, "eat eggs". The thing about eating only eggs after a big run is you are left hungry and didn't really refuel properly. While these may look like pancakes, they are really eggs with some oat flour stuff added to almond milk. They taste like eggs and looks like pancakes with coconut, honey, and blueberry's on top, you'd probably love them if you like eggs. Anyways, that and an ice bath were the finish to a good running morning...


Happy Sunday,

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tri-ing With 4 Boys...

I'm thinking a name change to this blog is needed. "Bree Wee Mom & Triathlete" never really suited me, there is just SO MUCH MORE to me, to this life, than just that. It really is time to redo this website. Kainoa and I endure such a wonderful life as mother and son. Our triathlon journeys, beach adventures, and island discoveries no longer belong to just us. For a long while now they have been shared and it's all 4 of the boys in my life that make this life, my triathlon life, truly that much better...
Kainoa is pretty special as he has two wonderful homes, his father and I set it up that way. Our promise to our son was that our inability to stay together had nothing to do with him and we would do our best to let him have the best of both worlds with each of us. On my end its been just Kainoa and I but now...
2 more big boys get to pick on him, love him, and share his world.

...and another really big guy, but this one is mine :)

Triathlon life with 4 boys is awesome. When you finish a run you get the best compliments, tonight's was, "You smell so good I could eat you, good like an Italian sub from Subway". How can you not just love being told you smell THAT GOOD!? That's life with 4 boys, it always smells and most of them stink-good.

Stinky run shoes, bike shoes after a long race, sports bras, swim suits left in a hot car all day have nothing on the smells 4 boys can bring into life. I'm still the one having to hold my breath despite the linger aroma of triathlon life. Truly, a girl comes up roses in my situation!

The good part is sharing! My feet fit the middle of the 3 boys feet, that means I often take the cool socks and claim them. Middle schoolers have the coolest socks by the way. It goes both ways, triathletes must have the coolest watches because mine are ALWAYS missing. Those and water bottles, IPODS, and towles are always getting mixed up...

Sometimes it's scary sharing life as the only female, I'm out numbered when it comes to movies, love songs, and it looks like driving lately too...

As for Kainoa, he has shown me the importance of "keeping up". He follows, hangs on, and braves going where the older boys go. Take that into tri-life and I'm learning ways to hold on, keep up, and brave going in with the big girls of this sport.

I bet you are wondering how our party of 2 is now a party of 5? Long story short, Target. Over school supply shopping the girl who just finished her run ran into the boy who just finished paddling, on the way to picking up pencils for their boys. Oh, the story has more chapters than that, it's a small island after all and everyone knows everyone. In fact, I was his oldest sons third grade teacher years ago. I know, how cool is that?! You know how life rolls though, it has twists and turns, each through a divorce, landing on our feet, and then one day eyes wide open there we both stood in Target (of all places!) and now, I tri with 4 boys...

It's super, they make me aid stations, make me laugh, cry, smile, and bring more life to my life and Kainoa's too.

Then again, they bring everything, like the time I was hiking and squatted next to a tree to you know, go. Of course they had to capture that moment!

The list of how much life has enriched is gigantic. In a sport like triathlon where you spend so much time solo (I don't want to call it a selfish sport), having this many people to share with is full on giving a new meaning to team work!
...and when this tri-momma has her hands full my side kick is right there to keep me on track. He has been watching me tackle my to-do lists since he was born and now writes them for me, because from 1 to 4 boys my hands are FULL! If you are trying to read the scribble from Kainoa it says: Git t b (get the bike), pin apl (pineapple), post ofis (post office).

Masuda makes my life easier too, packing has never been so easy prerace!!

The best part for me is having someone care so much for my fragile heart. Those that have been reading this blog since 2008 know all about that. Speaking of caring...actually I won't tell all this story, but I tried to lighten the mood by pretending to be the nurse to one of the boys during a hospital about sharing the love!

That's me and Masuda, he's my biggest fan next to Kainoa and you better believe I am his...

That my friends is the most stinky hour I have ever survived, you can only imagine...

This makes me so very happy. For every mom who has ever endured a divorce I know you can relate to how happy this makes me, for your child to love and be loved in return when his mom begins to share her life again...

Okay, that's enough boy talk, my pillow is calling...I've got a swim and ride to tackle tomorrow!!

Aloha ahiahi,

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today in the land of swimbikerun...

The wana looks like it's holding a smiley face, seriously found it like that, no shells were moved in the creation of this picture...really. This week is such a funky one in the land of swimbikerun. I'm struggling to tell if I'm on recovery (still) from last weekend or charging into the next race full force. Float week perhaps?? Landing in the ocean thankfully goes both ways, you can press the pace with the crew, stop for dolphins on recovery, race the buoys, catch bumps, anything and everything goes. This week is some of all the above...

Kainoa is still small enough to play "Superman" while I do sit-ups...

My sister is still the hottest mom running the island...

My run shoes still need to sit (stink) outside, my bike still gets to live inside. AND if you look closely I'm giving you a little "hint-hint" on my 2012 run shoes...I'll fill you in soon.


Happy Training!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Play Date...

Remember "play dates" when you were young? Those mornings when you meet up with a bunch of other kids in diapers or runny nose toddlers and just all hang out doing the same thing? Or when you got older, like middle school, you'd go make a play date at the neighbors till dinner time? Gosh those were good times. Today we had a "play date". A bunch of like-minded, tri-training kids, all doing the same thing. I think it's regularly called a training day, but today felt way more like a play date.
We woke up to swim at A-Bay, a 35 minute drive North lands us another beautiful spot in the Pacific. Very little crowd-no crowd to be exact, just the sunrise and the start of our play date. Our intentions were really innocent, just go through a triathlon today. No set pace, no major goals, swimbikerun as simple as swimbikerun...
I of course, had my usual energy that happens when landing in the ocean, camera happy! The boys didn't mind, it slowed me down and kept one of us on shark look out...

The ride was up and down the Queen K, been-there-done-that, still like it. However, the "just ride" went out the window when someone pushed a hill, another tried to hammer past other riders, and of course the "how fast can we go down hill and drop Bree"? I'm highly convinced there really is no such thing as "just ride bikes". It never is just ride bikes with more than 2 people.

...then we ran. It was seriously all fun and games running. Someone always had the front, the man with the Garmin had to drop the "F" bomb and shout, "Seriously, why 6 something mile pace?!" And then the sprint to the finish. A training day with minimal expectations set a morning with more enjoyment in sport than expected. Those days are so important, to remind us what it is we love about what we do...


Of course the truth came out eventually, we were on the April 1st race course for the Lavaman. Our islands most "localized, bragging rights, torture your training partner" triathlon course. It's the day where everyone on the island that owns a bike comes to play. Turns out the 3 grown men I was "training" with today were pushing, pressing, and getting ideas of the competition set to happen in 6 weeks. Hilarious if you ask me and all together AWESOME! Keeping the fun in competition was exactly what I needed.

The finish line...


Now that the race is over, er play date, it's more focus on the next 3weeks. I'll tell you all about it next week, it is an opportunity that is seriously keeping me wide awake like a kid at Christmas. Happy Training!


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