Friday, March 16, 2012

A Little Memorias Buenas...

It's really nostalgic being here, but then again it's always a good trip down memory lane when you are fully loaded with good memories. After a swim in the Pacific, that of course had me feeling right at home in Hawaiian waters, we set off on our bikes. Of course we needed to do some light training, however the mission was to buy eggs. In an instant, (and I am so glad I found this photo), my thoughts drifted off to life as a 16 year old being in this exact spot, buying eggs, but not on a bike-on a horse! My life has truly been special, at 15, 16, even 29 I would never had guessed that one day I would be in Costa Rica with my bike, racing triathlon! It's so cool to think how life unfolds when we just roll with it...
Fast forward 2012...REV3 Costa Rica Triathlon! The race day is drawing closer and closer, with it is bringing more athletes, more things to tackle pre-race, and more butterflies, (you know butterflies mean you care). The swim was choppy this morning (a personal favorite of mine) and the ride took a while longer to warm up than I was hoping, suppose that was expected since I took a bike-break for Hapalua. All things considered, "I want to race".
During yesterday's interview one of the things we chatted about was the "wanting to race". Truly you are in the right spot in life when you WANT to be there. For sure we have things to do in life we dont really want to tackle, but the things that are "choices", we sure as heck better want to do them! I am looking forward to waking up Sunday morning and getting the snot kicked out of me on the swim, to riding my bike as passionately as I did as a little girl chasing boys around the block, and of course the run will have me daydreaming about the Kenyans!! I have chosen to be here and want to be here...
Back to the interview, they just sent my post photos over and they pretty much sum up how the chat went... "Bree how do you feel about life, what's your "word" to sum it up". Above was my answer they had me photo out-it was "hopeful".
This was getting made fun of for sponsors logos. As you can see I am still "a work in progress" as some support is sitting on the fence. What's an island girl to do? Wear the shirt Coconut Girls gave her and her favorite surf trunks since she has yet to be the endorser of any run shorts-no worries from me, I love my island clothes!
This photo I was supposed to act happy, that was an easy one...
Back to some old school. Yesterday we walked this road as a group of triathletes, however it was totally paved and hotel filled. Found an old photo of the sister and girls walking to surf. Hilarious. Bringing back these memories isn't living in the past for me, I'm more excited about my current life than I have ever been, the photos are just making me REALLY live in the moment knowing that another decade from now I might be walking down these streets in a totally different way of life. I'd like to think with a family...
It sure was awesome being a wild at heart young girl and let me tell you, I am so glad to have never changed. That photo is hitchiking in the back of a pick up with the sister and amigas on the VERY same road we will race our bikes down Sunday (but its not a dirt road anymore). You can bet your dollars I will be smiling on my bike Sunday, happy about where I have been, where I am, and where I am going...
Pura Vida,


Blogger Furacán said...

Mucha suerte rubia!

March 16, 2012 at 12:15 PM

Blogger Monica said...

So awesome Bree!!! Have a great race on Sunday! Rooting for you from back in Honolulu!!

March 16, 2012 at 10:48 PM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

so cool to have these old photos e to be back to a place with some personal history. Makes you think about life, the choices, etc.
it makes one think what if i knew then what i know now and could go back? would i do anything different? Interesting topic .
I hope your sponsors sort themselves out soon!
Go get 'em on sunday

March 18, 2012 at 2:39 AM


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