Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday on the rock...

Rise and shine, legs were in the hurt box from yesterday's run, but the pool called. Without a doubt it is Coach Steve and the lanemates that make a 6am jump in the chlorinated ice water "enjoyable". That and the fact Kainoa is going into swimteam (er, try it out), and I'm determined to keep the minnow in sight for as long as possible...

The good news about long Monday swims is that I do half in the pool and half in the ocean, HELLO DOLPHINS!! I've yet to have coach tell me to keep going without breaking up the swim so I break it up, it takes just as long to get from Kona pool to the ocean as it does to take 2 minutes rest between sets (honest), and I get new swim mates!!

The rest of the day was even easier, it is race week after all. From dolphins to spin on the bike, super easy pace, just flushing out yesterdays run. And then more moments in the garden...

If you've yet to guess, gardening is my newest passion. We started so many little things in small pots last year and now they have new life, going into the ground is making them even more fun to work with. Today the 4 boys set up the 8x8 box (including my bamboo), it is full on filling at the moment with everything edible you can imagine. The Google nerd in me read all sorts of cool things on how people who garden have less stress, live longer, tend to eat healthier, and carry less chance of developing depression. I am SO thankful to finally have a nice yard to play in and do all this fun stuff, my grandpa (the farmer) would be so proud!





Blogger Lucy Francis said...

If only I had training partners like these dolphins of yours !!!(big sigh)
Your tomatoes look yummi! now that you're growing all of this produce you should seriously think of creating some recipes and share them with us....:-)

March 7, 2012 at 11:42 AM


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