Friday, March 30, 2012

Stacking Coconuts...

Alright, I'm going to attempt using coconuts as an example for my training at the moment. It all began yesterday with a bike ride that coach put down as 1.5-3hrs long. I did that eye thing where you wonder if you read it wrong then sort of crossed my eyes in confusion. "One and half hours if I feel junky, 3 hours if I feel great"... I went for 3. A little over actually, because the wind poured on good and caught me out in the middle of the lava fields face first, I truly intended to stop at 3, even 2:57 if I found tailwind...
Sunday will be the 4th race of the season in less than 3 months already, that means since February I have raced, catch my breath, race, catch my breath, race, catch my breath, not to mention losing a day each direction in flying and losing sleep habits like a crazy girl. Oh yes, training "happens" in there, but since January my blocks have been broken with a lot of travel-race-repeat. I'm home now till the first weekend in May. THAT MEANS I can stack some coconuts. It excites me to have my feet planted firmly on the island for a good 6 weeks! I'm on week 2 of pretty consistent training since the return of 21hrs travel from Costa Rica, IT FEELS GREAT!
That said, Sunday is a race and I plan to race as hard as I can on the day, but I will not drop 90 minutes from a ride to have a little fresher legs, this block is a serious coconut stacking opportunity to me! Once May lands, its 3 races in 4 weeks, do you see my desire to pile coconuts high now? Got to love a coach that gives you a choice to stack your coconuts in hopes of making gains for a race you are day dreaming and night dreaming about having your best day on (Honu), or take coconuts... Don't take the coconuts YET Bree...
I've just been training, happy to be home swimbikerunning around the island I am so blessed to call home. There have been some amazing sunsets, lots of growing going on in the garden, and Kainoa is working his way across the pool a little stronger everyday. Next week is his first swim meet and I had a dream he was very last place. I know, that's a pretty mean dream to have, but last night in my sleep he got out of the water and started cheering and smiling, as if he won. He sincerely thought he won in my dream, finishing is winning for him at this point in his sport life. It was a pretty cool dream and it got me fired up to see just how a child with so much passion for life will handle his first big deal of a race, as the littlest kid in the meet with only a month of swim practice under his belt. Just love that perfect approach he has for all things he ever attempts...
Alright friends, have a good weekend racing and training, keep piling the coconuts, don't worry if some fall a little or you use a couple here and there. But build them up so when you want them most you have them...


Blogger CoachLiz said...


Have an awesome race on Sunday! Yes, you will smash it. You have to for #10!

I have one of my fellow coaches out there with some TNT peeps from Houston who are soooo excited to be racing on the island. I will send you good vibes from Galveston while I am watching Lance race right along side of my TNT 70.3 racers.

One of these days we have to get you back to Texas for some tacos and racing. :)

March 30, 2012 at 6:34 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Right I'm off to stack my own coconuts for a long 3hr ride! I was undecided there for a while (not as sunny in my zone) but you got me going.

March 30, 2012 at 9:31 PM

Blogger Christi said...

Have a great race my dear! And remember the enthusiasm that Kainoa had in his dream. He was having fun despite finishing last. That is what life is about. Having fun in doing what you love!

March 31, 2012 at 5:28 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Oh! I'll be stacking some coconuts tomorrow...just not in such lush or sunny surroundings.
Good luck for Lavaman tomorrow

March 31, 2012 at 5:51 AM


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