Thursday, April 12, 2012

Green Tea Thoughts...

If you are anything, at all, like me, sitting quiet is a rare and precious luxury. It's not to say we aren't surrounded by beautiful moments during the busy, but to just sit still is a is my simple pleasure free of laundry, pick up times, meeting spots, and alarm clocks, dinner dishes, and everything between.
Today was the first time in weeks I sat all alone with nothing to do but drink green tea. Of course to sit this still I had to leave the house, at home I find at least one chore to tackle between sips. This was a luxury that did not disappoint, and with no company it meant plenty of silence free of any thought, care, or wonder in the world...
Once that tea was empty it was run time with one of the most amazing familys I am so lucky to know and a dear friend that I have had since childhood (not really that long, but it feels like it). We of course ran the beach loop at "family pace". If you wonder what that is, it's where the mom, dad, 2 sisters, younger brother, family friend, and I could all go together. These are the types of runs where you have nothing to prove, the ones that don't define how fast you are or even let sport be the priority. I'm reading Ryan Hall's book right now and this exact run had me feeling like he would enjoy this sunset at our pace...
If you have yet to read his book, it goes into depth about his depression, when he let race results, paces, and miles define him. Good times had him happy, bad ones had him empty. Running along the waters edge at "family pace", I gave myself that little "check yourself Bree" that I do to make sure I have my balance in sport, life, and love all in harmonized.
At the waters edge I was so happy, beaming in fact, as I gazed out at the sunset. That told me I was just fine. Life, love, and sport are all in harmony. If I felt that urge to "hurry, get back, don't stop in this run, race back, beat the family, ect" I would have some work to do in life outside of sport. Don't get me wrong, I love a good track session, long runs with no stops, and trying to beat some training partners. On a run like this though, it was all about simply running...
...and when you are not content on the waters edge it is okay to just run right in. That is how I love to live, just get right in...
I even found a little honu floating along sunset...
We did run back, most the way. Then we waited on the younger brother who of course, did almost all the run in his slippers!!!
Sometimes to hold happiness you have to be able to stop and let it land in your hands. That run landed in the most perfect part of my week, the end of a long one after green tea...
Aloha ahiahi,


Blogger Christi said...

Gorgeous pictures!

April 13, 2012 at 5:07 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

And the beauty of that luxury is - IT'S FREE! :-)
your "family" beach run sounds perfect, I sometimes envy those leisure bike riders I go past during my training: no time keeping/no distances to worry about or pace. No wonder they look so relaxed

April 15, 2012 at 6:21 AM


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