Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let's Swim!

Swim meet #2 is in the books.  I'm highly convinced life would be so much easier for me had I been put on the swim team at 5.  These lessons of pool induced "fun" are life lessons!  It's really cool being on deck hearing what coaches say to inspire, what team mates do to support, how others cheer despite position, and of course the pile of mini lessons being learned by each child on a personal level.  Things like setting a goal, learning to win and lose and dealing with the outcome, facing fears, growing confidence, being okay with your body and what it can do and, even learning to celebrate what another can do...
Can you imagine stepping to the start line of a triathlon in the same fashion some of these children stand tall behind dive blocks?  Today I also saw the other end.  There is also a freestyle battle with 2 of the fastest high school girls in the state, the girl who won is the state champ, she stepped up and gave the onlookers the sense that she would win, confidence, a beautiful quiet confidence just shined.  The girl who took second and has most all swims on the island looked around, looked at her competition, then looked down.  I knew going into the event what both girls position were.  Watching I also noticed that the second place girl could win that event, really could, if she would just believe it possible.  But like her, some of us do that, we don't think we have it in us till we actually do it. As if we have to see it to believe it.  She took second by 6 tenths of a second...

Kainoa once again prepared for the back stroke as if it were the Olympics.  He just LOVES it.  That pool and backstroke have become such a happy place in life for him.  Here he has found his confidence, his joy, and something that he reaches for.  He was faster long course this meet than he was short course in the last meet!  Above, him and Coach Wendy were having a pep talk, I try my best to listen and stay on the side lines, but I'm learning too, imagine me as 5!!  However, when Kainoa asked, "Mom are you nervous for me?" Coach Wendy had me step away...I told Kainoa I was excited, and I was.  

That pool was so long but until you know fear you just don't face a fear in the world, he was facing only a race...

Waiting at the other end of a long pool gave me time to think about next weekend, all these kids gave me lessons in sport that you just can't read from a sport-psychology book. These children were rock stars...
...and this too!  Can you imagine stepping up to your next race with your back flashing the confidence you carry!?  This little girl won some lost some, but what I loved was that each race was also an improvement in her time, that's a win right?  To make any sort of improvement you have to just believe and carry that confidence...who knows, it might just one day be the 6 tenths of a second you need...
Happy Racing,


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I wish I had joined a swim team at 5 too! I agree that its lessons go far beyond swimming and apply to all areas of life.
Kainoa looks like a pro holding on to that start block.
What a brilliant sport he has chosen.

April 29, 2012 at 4:45 AM

Blogger Nick, Brooke ,Whistler said...

Kainoa was so excited when he asked you how'd he do after freestyle and you answered, four minutes faster than last time! He turned around like that four minutes was everything. I am so glad we were there to watch him swim...

April 29, 2012 at 1:27 PM

Blogger Laura said...

I joined a swim team at 7. I can't begin to tell you all the wonderful things that came of it. I'm no Olympic swimmer but in triathlons I'm better than a lot (which makes up for my poor biking abilities). Swimming taught me work ehtic and helped me work on stamina and endurance from a young age. Because of swimming, I understood what pace was when I started running track. It really set me up both in athletic ability and understanding that hard work brings good things.

May 1, 2012 at 3:59 AM


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