Saturday, May 5, 2012

Night before Knoxville...

Sent to my phone, a piece of back home!! Kainoa at the swim race this morning.  It's a favorite race, in a favorite place, with my favorite people, on my favorite island,.however, I am truly taking this experience and making it a worthwhile time in my life.  It helps A LOT the crew of athletes racing REV3 Knoxville tomorrow are incredible people.  SO much talent, so many inspiring stories, a lot of dedication, and it's motivating to be surrounded by people who want the most and expect the best of themselves.  I used to think triathletes are a weird bunch, (and sometimes, somethings are), but for the most part, its a lot of hard work on a daily basis that want to experience it on race day, nothing wrong about that...I am inspired.
Back home a lot of hard work has happened and tomorrow it's time to let it happen...
This morning we jumped into the river and I about jumped out quicker than I got in!  My arms went about 100 mph, they felt amazing! Instantly I thought the swim of my life would be on the horizon.  Then I noticed I was dragging my legs as they were frozen blocks of human ice!  Perhaps it wasn't a "fast swim" I had happening but a survival thrashing.  Tomorrow will be better, we will be in fully warm n' thick wetsuits.

The bike was so beautiful!  We rode over the swim course and above those rainbow bridges I love.  The thing about triathlon that has me smiling at the moment is all my eyes see.  The places triathlon takes us are incredible.  White sandy beaches, rivers, mountains, big cities, small towns, all over the world I am finding beauty in places that I might never see if it weren't for the places my swims, bikes, and runs take me.  Of course, it would be so much better to experience it with the family.  That said... I am searching for a race to take Kainoa soon.  He has been to Portland, Florida, Japan, Oahu, Maui (in the belly), and Kentucky with me.  It's time he sets off on another adventure...

Back to this's Cinco de Mayo all over, even in the little town of Knoxville!  The Aussie and I ventured beyond the hotel and into town, into a fiesta!  Live music, food, pinatas, and all sorts of excitement filled the streets.  Of course, we are here on business so the fiesta ended early for us as tomorrow is a big day...
Almost time to party!!


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