Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peeking Through Sunday...

My Sunday began right here, with a few other runners.  It was a small half marathon, well the distance is the same, but the amount of runners running didn't exactly make it the largest half on the island.  This run was put on by the local tri club in prep for Hawaii 70.3 in a couple weeks.  Everyone running had their own personal goal for the day, some to build, others holding their "goal pace" for a few miles of it, some going easy but looking for company.  Physically I needed a run similar to a half marathon right about now, but more importantly I needed a good day with my head, while "racing". 
Recently, as of Friday to be exact, a very, very incredible opportunity landed in the palm of my hands.  A sports psycologist found favor with me. The whole story, how it unfolded I'll save for another day, for now I'm just counting my blessings that someone believes they can help get my head as strong as my body and heart.  And perhaps somebody is believing in me in a way that they even know a way to get me to learn to believe in myself too.  First more on this race/training day this morning...
Coach gave me my plan,  he gave me paces to work with, and reminded me the "race" is in 2 weeks and not to leave it out there today on a mission for a PR.  (I love going for a PR even on fun training days).  So with this plan, I talked to the sporty doc working on my head and told him all my fears about this.  How I wanted to "race it", don't know how to "just run it", and what if someone comes by and I want to try and hold with them, and what if I am winning or losing, and what if........ the list goes on.  You know what my "goal" was from him?  I actually had a few, some will remain my secrets as I am the one needing personal help, but the main focus was simple:  Bree, try to just run because you LIKE to run.  Bree, focus on you, love what you do. And Bree, race for you not others. 
With these paces set for my legs, desire to run on my heart, and plans put in my head I took off as if I was running all by myself.  Literally I didn't notice the boys that blasted off and I didn't even know there was anyone on my heals.  It was pretty brilliant...just me. In the moment. But as with all things I endure, thinking takes over and over thinking soon follows.  Now I was wondering when someone would pass me, when my legs would get tired, if I'd spend too much energy for next week, and the list of not-very-positive thoughts fluttered.  Yes, all this on a simple training run...
Digging deep in the tools I was given for my mind I just ran, ran, ran, and did my best to just be me out running.  Somewhere around the turn I found myself very much feeling like I was the only one running on the island.  Under palm trees, next to the ocean, just me.  That made the pace feel so easy, the distance feel so short, and the pressure just fade away...
I landed perfectly in the center of the run goal coach gave me, no race PR to shatter the legs this close to Hawaii 70.3 (1:24), and out on the course I also began to find again that part of me that just loves to run, for me.  There is so much for me to learn in all things life, love, and sport and to again find that perhaps this is a new beginning excites me.  Now lets cross our fingers that all the knots in my head and unravel in time for a truly brilliant race in 2 weeks! 
Big MAHALOS to Dan Hodel and the tri club for putting on a fun run race for us in perfect timing.  And nice runs to all the runners this morning, very fun sharing a Sunday run with you all!  Oh, volunteers who gave up precious time passing out drinks and gels, thank you too!  I will gladly take the help on ALL my runs, love it! 
After the run, instantly to breakfast with my family (parents included, what a treat!!), and of course an ice bath followed up by recovery the way I like it, hide n' seek!

I'm telling you, living a 5 minutes from an old volcano top is awesome!  It leaves us the best woods to roam and hide in!  Kainoa and I were of course team mates and thankfully his little self could hide perfectly under every tree!  We got completely lost, extremely dirty, but had the most fun 4 boys and a girl could have on a Sunday afternoon.  By the end of the hiding and seeking I wasn't the only one pooped...

Now Monday awaits, I'm ready...


Blogger Jen Small said...

how exciting!!! I am looking forward to your mental training :) congrats on a great race and running for you

May 21, 2012 at 1:25 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Running just for the pleasure of it it, that's one of my escapes. I actually do all of my runs in the evenings after work so I can get rid of all the pressures/worries of the day.
Glad to hear that you had a great hot was it? I'm seating here all burnt and about to face a 90F day here in the U S of A :-)

May 21, 2012 at 3:04 AM

Blogger Christi said...

Girl you are great and will do fabulous at your next race. I know that so I hope you know that! As I always say you just have to "Believe!"

May 21, 2012 at 3:41 AM

Blogger SSB said...

Good luck in a couple of weeks! I'll be cheering for ya.

May 21, 2012 at 5:29 AM


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