Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Rainbow...

Before I even begin, listen to this song, play it might like it.  Another Rainbow. It began as Kainoa's new favorite song a couple months ago and after hearing it over and over I actually listened to the lyrics and liked them, for me...

Saturday on the way to Hilo we had a brilliant rainbow, it of course did what all rainbows do for me, remind me I am in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME with the RIGHT PERSON/PEOPLE.  Life gets so crazy with it's twists, turns, forks in the roads, and reruns.  So of course I cherish every opportunity to feel as if life is as it should be despite the bumpy roads.  I ran in Hilo, the change of pace was refreshing, the rain was freezing, and the journey was needed.

Summer has been beautiful, more sunsets, beach moments, sandy feet, and colors of everything good in the world than a girl could ever imagine.  Every Summer it feels as if Kainoa and I bring out our "family traditions".  These are the very things we began together when our life turned into just the two of us.  A favorite has always been cereal on the beach at sunrise, (or when swim practice is over).  It was always the one thing we could afford as just a single mom and son, and the simplicity of it always felt more like a million bucks.  We share our life now and treasure the expansion of our hearts, but these traditions always seem to remind me of the strength I gathered all by myself when 2 little blue eyes looked at me with a lot of hope and trust that we would be okay...

Kainoa still looks at me a lot with those blue eyes, as if I can keep us floating in bigger waves than we want, in stronger currents than we feel we can swim through, and when the beach looks so far away from the ocean we are swept up in.  I didn't give up recently, but darn I got feeling sorry for myself. 

Thursday and Friday last week I was given a very wonderful opportunity, a friend of mine is a coach/trainer/fitness guy on the island and happend to be out of town when a very important man was coming into town in search of 2 days of long rides.  He called me to cover, how exciting for me, a paid bike ride!  What began as a ride with a stranger soon became a ride with someone that has had more impact on my life than I could have imagined nearly 200 miles would have created.  His approach to his businesses and family was so powerful in a way that I was in search of putting that same vision to the test in my sport, with my family involved. 

After both days I scribbled copious amounts of gems (lessons learned from him) into my journal, devouring all I'd never really focused on because the thought of "business" and "triathlon" just seemed like 2 different worlds.  Feeling like the poor girl from a little island, somewhat in the middle of journey without a map, this man full of accomplisments, success like I have yet to understand, and a paved out vision so clearly defined, looked at me and said, "Bree I am proud of you".  It had me in tears as I rode home, as if to say I am not sinking at all,  the big waves my life sometimes sweep over me but I am doing just fine...

I was then given a check, it was about the price of my rent.  That check was held so tight in my hand but not more firmly than a final lesson.  Perhaps sometime I should spill the lessons all here for you, for now they will stay safe in my journal.  But one that I loved most was how he defines success in this world, remember he owns 9 businesses all over, he has built his life from the ground up on his own, he is reaping the rewards (plenty of them) from hard work, and his thought of giving back to the world, making it better, and knowing when he dies that he was successful is this:

"That your child is happy and well adjusted"

I am not kidding.  To ask what success is and hear the above response made me feel like a champion!  It is not all his acolades, millions of dollars, businesses left to family, the homes and cars, it is to leave something behind, a child, and leave him/her/them, happy and well adjusted!  As he spoke of his family I knew without a doubt he was not bluffing me, above all, they are his everything and the very reason he has risen to the top.  I almost didn't put that check into my bank, these lessons, the things learned, are so invaluable to me.  It was a better ride than that time I rode with the Tour de France winner, and I LOVED that ride too...

It is finally bed time, after beach and volcano cave walking today with the 5yr old and his buddy, I am ready to rest easy, almost race day right??



Blogger Diana said...

Awesome post!

June 27, 2012 at 4:22 AM

Blogger gelmertri said...

Great post - thx for sharing. I have no doubt you are achieving that success...

June 27, 2012 at 7:43 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I like your tradition of eating cereal on the beach. For me is eating lunch in our tinny garden and then take a nap on my deck char afterwards. the simple things are always the best.
It sounds like your ride worked body/mind.

July 1, 2012 at 9:56 PM


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