Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day...

We found a dog, it might never leave now that it has been cleaned and fed.  Being Father's Day I'm carefully watching how Masuda handles the boys all naming and claiming this dog.  It is so hilarious to witness the love that this dog is knowing and the decision of what to do all resting on one mans shoulders.  To keep it is another story.  The deal (so far) is they can keep it for the day then let it go.  It's evening now and the dog has not gone anywhere, except in the house a few times.  Laughter floods me, fills my heart, and is taking over any ability to be rational about keeping a dog that needs a home and landed here.  Masuda is doing his best to put a foot down yet struggling against the pressure to keep him... 

This exact moment reminds me of the time I worked all Summer on my grandpas farm and bought a tractor with all my money.  What on Earth was I going to do with a tractor at 17 years old? Living the farm life really got to me that Summer, I was practically born in a barn you know.  My dad had some pressure for sure, facing my tears sitting on my beloved tractor reminds me of this dog situation and that is making me smile just thinking of all the awesome men that are part of my life, grandpas, dads, Masuda, uncles, friends, coaches.  I love Father's Day for moments like this...

Our afternoon was of course, spent at the beach.  Some surf, a little sun, lots of sand, and good memories in the making..

Yesterday was spent at the keiki run race.  Oh my gosh, I loved it, I needed it!  The passion these kids bring to sport was so awesome.  The best was the 5-6yr old 200 yard dash full on racing with all their hearts!  2 girls were about to chick a young boy and BOOM!  They had a total run in.  Once they both got to their feet it was all or none to catch back up the boy that survived the crash on both made me want to go race, thankfully that would happen today...

The speedy high school girls, Lieto, the Hawaiian Michael Phelps, and I pretty much acted like the kids in yesterdays race.  Smack talk, game plans, some action, and a little not so clean fun.  This day was a very welcome treat for me as I needed zero pressure to do something I love.  Just have fun, what a concept!!!!  80 or so of us lined up for this mini adventure at Kailua Pier, it is after all Peaman and those you know are like the Olympics of Hawaii!
The Hawaiian Michael Phelps was my target today.  It's funny, he can probably out swim any girl in triathlon and yet I have no fear of him and zero anxiety lining up with him the way I do in triathlons.  This is the mystery that I so deeply want to can I have SO MUCH fun at local races with my training buds and go faster than I go in races?  Note to self:  Learn how to race under pressure.

Today was all about fun.  Pete, (the Hawaiian Michael Phelps), is gone away to college but returns every year faster than the year before.  He does all our local swim races and today did his first ever biathlon.  All week we trash talked and tried to figure out how much he would need to out swim me to win and I tried to figure out how fast I'd have to run to catch him.

The race was 1/2 mile swim and 2 mile run.  For him to win he had to beat me out of the water by at least a minute, knowing his run pace was going to be 6:15-6:30 pace.  That meant I had to be out less than a minute after him, (my arms hurt just thinking of that), and I'd have to run 5:30ish pace.

Lucky for him he had Lieto and Leahi to keep him company in the swim and could drop them when he was ready to make a move, leaving me swimming between those 3 and the chase group. Holding on for as long as possible was my mission, after getting dropped work as fast as I could, then get out and run.  Out of the water my split was called to me, 52 seconds back!  That was the best swim of my life to date, seriously.  He usually gets me by over a minute in the half mile and to be honest coach was thinking 2 minutes but kept a little hope for me anyways, Pete thank you for that work you taught me...
...and there we are coming into the finish!  He ran closer to 6 minute pace and it took forever to catch him and to the finish line to actually drop him!  Damn I wish training days like this would happen for me in racing, if only I could understand how to turn pressure for a payday into a lot more fun, because at the end of every swimbikerun enjoyment of some sort always lands within me...

Of course Kainoa was there, lucky charms are always good for us moms.  I've got some hard work to do before my next race, until then this local race was a welcome treat for me...

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!


Blogger ONEHOURIRONMAN said...

Stray dogs and cats can play havoc on the pocketbook (I know)... don't get too attached!!

June 18, 2012 at 4:34 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

so, are you keeping the cute dog? next thing you know it will pulling your heartstrings and becoming one of the family :-) I have 2 cats and they're my babies.
Bree training and racing are 2 different beasts. I'll tell you form my prespective as an AG. There is no payday involved for me when I race, yet it doesn't always go acording to plan, even though my training has gone well. There is something about racing in a foreign environment, the travel, having to familiarize youself with the surroundings and sort out the logistics, etc. That drains alot of energy out of us. when you race at home, you know how to get there, where everything is....and taht makes for a more relaxing atmosphere so we can kick butt.
Basically we need a PA and manager doing all the runa round for us girls :-)
take care

June 19, 2012 at 11:41 AM


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