Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lilikoi Summer...

Woke up bright and early, it is Summer you know, and I read a big story on post race depression.  It was good reading, not because I think I have it, I'm 99.9% sure I'm not even close, but because it was a great reminder that it is OKAY to jump back on the bike, into tri life, and pick up another goal to reach for-that is the way to beat it! Keep moving, tackle other non-sporty things, and check off things on your bucket list, (that is easier at the end of your big A race, when you have lots of time), but after other races get the smaller things checked off and of course focus on another race if your season is still going strong... 

Summer for this mom means more Kainoa time, as school is out.  I've got to get creative on how to train (my work is not over yet, searching for a compu-trainer or something at the moment).  Last night I busted out my bucket list and tried to see what things can be tackled between racing, after races to defend any post race depression finding me, and of course make it a Summer Kainoa will remember...

The Summer list had to be minimized, my life list is much too gigantic, more of a world wide exploration & discoveries all over the place.  The family friendly list, Kainoa sized, is more of an island road trip.  We began the planning of it yesterday and my belly got butterflies, it will land as a Summer the boys will remember after we get it rolling and map it out, yet leave room for getting lost.  I've also got the Summer list including a travel race with Kainoa, I want him to come to the Philippines with me, that's a bit of a secret and I'm not sure how to bring it into a possibility just yet, but it's been too long since he has left the country with me and there are SO MANY life lessons & opportunities beyond a classroom in travel that I want him to experience, (cross your fingers on that one happening). 
Of course little things are on the list too, he wants a lemonade stand. Does every kid in the world put a lemonade stand on their Summer list!?  I know I had one when I was super young, we made about $1.25.  Kainoa wants to sell carrots and corn at his, thankfully our garden is fully blooming and can make that happen...if you see corn sold on the beach, humor me and buy some from the 5yr old, please.
 As for triathlon, today was such a good, good day in my sport life.  I woke up with 2 options, ride easy to the group then cruise half their ride with them for a 2hr ride or ride easy to the group, ride all their ride, then recover home for a 4hr ride.  The legs felt better than anticipated so I went the 4 and landed one of the best rides of the season.  It was of course windy and hot, (if you raced Honu Saturday you know the feeling).  With any group ride it began nice and friendly but managed to turn into a pelaton that raced into a "who can drop and hang" that landed a sprint finish.  My legs were so eager to play, not sure if that was a smart move on the post-race recovery plan, but they felt like rock stars so I went for all the fun the boys could dish out.  And as luck would have it, the wheel sucker would come by at the very end and take the glory...

Being out there with a group was just what I needed and put it on my plan to keep at it with them, I truly need to get the "race" mode in me more fired up and perhaps the best way is to work more with these guys and less with my IPOD on "Hawaiian jams of the 90's". 
If you are ever on the island on a Tuesday, meet the group at Bike Works Beach N' Sport at 8:30, they go for about 2+hours and have some firecrackers in the group.  They have all sorts of routes.  If you need more ride time leave Kona about 7am and ride up to meet them then cruise back after their ride, I did that today and it made a nice warm up and cool down, not to mention the extra 40-50 miles depending where you leave from.  We had about 30 of us today...

As for the lilikoi part of Summer, thanks to the handsome man in the above photo that always seems to believe in me more than I do, he left some Maui lilikoi jam for me that somehow was the only thing that would kick my post-longish-ride sweat loss/sun drenched mess back into the swing of things...

Happy Summer!!


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

A road trip around the big island? that sounds like the summer holiday of a lifetime :-)
How I wish I could just pop in to bike works and go for a ride with your cycling group...You're invited to mine as well Bree.
If you turn up on a Saturday morning at 8:30 am in Richmond Park (on the outskirts of London) @ the Pen ponds car park, you can ride 4 loops x 11km with our faster guys., It will be super fast but there will be cake and juices/coffees/etc at the cafe on the golf course....see ya' :-)

June 6, 2012 at 11:09 AM

Blogger katymoe said...

Hi Bree! What was the article you were reading?? I'd love to read it and pass it along to friends racing their first Ironman. I had serious Post-IM depression......I mean seriously in a bad mood/funk kind of way. I'd love to read more about it. :)

And thanks for all your writing I read EVERY post you write and I'm always cheering for all parts of your life.


June 7, 2012 at 4:36 AM

Blogger rr said...

Gorgeous photo of you two at the end, Wee. xo

June 7, 2012 at 5:14 AM

Blogger G. Parekh said...

As a visitor to the Big Island, I enjoyed the Tuesday ride with Bree and met cool folks like Thad and Sylvia and Janet (visiting from Canada). Thanks Bree for leading the Bike Works Beach & Sports ride. For anyone visiting the Big Island, I highly recommend this group ride – Bike Works will set you up with a nice road bike, and you will meet cool peeps as you ride parallel to the turquoise blue ocean in semi-windy conditions. It was definitely one of the highlights of my stay. I’ll be back – hopefully permanently!

June 10, 2012 at 3:18 PM


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