Thursday, June 21, 2012

Longest Day of the Year...

Here at the pier began the longest day of the year (Summer Solstice).   In so many, many ways flashbacks of my first Ironman began to swirl.  Many long days, including Ironman start in this spot.  A beautiful swell filled the bay this morning, the horizon stole precious thoughts as the sun rose and reminded me of all I love about triathlon.  4 of us girls dove in together, but I got out solo as my day was not the usual dolphin seeking adventure I'm usually part of, it was a big work day for me.

A friend of mine has a client in town that wanted bike company for a couple hours with someone that knows the course, that would be me. What began as a ride turned into a race.  100 miles faster than I had ridden all year.  It was a surprise to be greeted with a ride like that, yet I welcomed the opportunity to give my legs a thrilling ride, challenge my heart, and give my mind the chance to endure some pain.  It was far from a play day and more like an Ironman.  The man I rode with is a very successful business man, do not let his briefcase fool you, he uses his time on the bike to ride out each and every frustration, stress, and concern of his work.  Every pedal stroke is someone or something he is riding from, literally mashing down and moving the bike far beyond any desk job.  It was unreal to see this, no clock or bike computer, just pure push his entire ride.  That is how he rides, every time.  Much like the way he attacked his approach to work, all or nothing, he rides his bike.

At the end of the ride my stomach was so sick, in more knots than ever received in an Ironman.  I was dizzy, legs heavy, and more than satisfied.  It was a brilliant day for me, success in a lot of ways.  Who imagined I could learn so much about triathlon from a successful business man in roughly 5hrs. I loved that ride, and at the end he asked me to go again tomorrow after swim practice.  That my friends will be my 3rd 100 mile ride of the week...

Being the longest day of the year, the island takes full advantage of the Summer Sun.  We have the annual beach run race near sunset hour.  After the swim/ride there was roughly 90 minutes till I had to be at the start line, truthfully there were very few places I'd rather be so I of course showed up.  Absolutely no warm up, that ride counted as all the warm up the legs could desire.  There was one small issue, my stomach was still in knots, badly.  Forgive me if you get grossed out, but it felt exactly the way it feels after an Ironman on that start line, I wasn't sure if I'd puke up the lunch I just ate after riding or the other.  It was really, really bad and I was so thankful that all around me were friends, they understood and those that knew laughed with me...

Mile 1 and 2 were lovely, 6:11 and 6:02, the legs must have been happy to be running in sand or something.  Mile 3 and 4 were not that lovely and it became the mental challenge I so desperately have to learn to work through.  All along imagining that I had the strength to run on top of everything else that the longest day of the year has given was a long final 2 miles in that sand and rocky path and I enjoyed them beyond words. They were part of the pieces to the puzzle of competition.
The longest day served up a beautiful sunset and during the swim, bike, and run that I am so thankful to have known today, my heart got happy about Portland, about Philippines 70.3, (as they are my next to races), and then gave me the push to sign up for Ironman Louisville when I got home, and so I did.  I love that distance, today remined me that it may be hard, long, and painful, but it is something I enjoy in a way that words will not do justice...

Aloha Ahiahi from a very tired me,


Blogger Nick, Brooke ,Whistler said...

Way to go sis...that is the strength I know you have in you...keep pushing...we thought of you today because we did a little puffer 3 hr ride, but way less in distance...what you would have done would taken us 7he's...ha
Nick said add some weight your next ride! Like six of your bikes and than that would be us... Love ya

June 22, 2012 at 2:10 PM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

that's one thing I love our summer here, the days are so long. right now sunrise is at 4:45 am and sunset at 9:30pm.
you surely made the most out of the day and the company. Business is a funny world. Trust me an Ironman is far "easier" than the pressures and frustrations of any type of business.
Great race schedule Bree!

June 23, 2012 at 5:39 AM


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