Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Seriously, thank God for sunrises.  What a good, good feeling to wake up to a new day. The weekend was super so it wasn't like I needed a new day to start over, but I did need the reminder that things have a way of working themselves out just as they should be.

Japan 70.3 is this weekend, as you know my heart was so set on that race and for more reasons than I have fingers to count on it did not land as a possibility for me to go at this time.  Bummed to say the least, optimistic to say the most.  But darn it!  AS it gets closer to Sunday, race day, and I'm missing out on a start line that I was dreaming to be on, just dreaming, I feel like Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles when everyone forgets her birthday.  She gets the handsome good guy in the end though, so I will use that 80's movie to remind me that in the end I will also land a happy ending...

This morning I did what every motivated triathlete girl missing her race would do, go ride her bike for a long time banking hours for her next race.  I just rode, and rode, then rode more.  Most the ride solo, 2 hours with company, and one pit stop at a pretty beach, (where I looked out over the Pacific in Japans direction).  

So what is next for me?  This momma is headed to Portland for the REV3 Half.  Last year I had a great experience and am looking forward to another good trip to the land of good berries and roses!  Until then, back on the bike, into my run shoes, and of course swimming.  Oh...I've landed a nice little part time job at the end of the week too, that means I can fly my bike over to the race!  I have also landed a total pop quiz for Sunday! Do I run or not run Kona Half Marathon 2 weeks before Portland???  This is when I do best with a pen and paper, 30 seconds to list a few reasons, and then sleep on it...

Time to sleep on it...
Happy training from the Big Island!!


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

sunrises and early mornings, one of my favourite parts of the day, when all is quite and the light is soft. I hate getting out of bed, but once up and outside, I love it.
love the quiz style decision making Bree. God knows I need to make a few of those lists in other areas of my life. Stay motivated chick, you'll be in Portland in no time :-)

June 20, 2012 at 10:37 AM


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