Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Week till Philippines...

My bags are already half packed!  A week out from a race my bags are empty 9/10 times, but this time, they are nearly ready to fly, baby!  I woke up so excited, pretty thankful that I get to pack my bags and fly to race, and of course fired up TO RACE...

Today was a day worthy of sharing the workout, so I will in case you need a Wednesday workout...

Run Squad: 
  1. Warm up easy 10 minutes, then toss in a few pick ups, such as 2x100 fast and a 200 quick for leg turn over and to fire up the heart.
  2. Main set:  4x1 minute at 5k pace minus 15 seconds, 1min. rest between each.  4x3 minutes at 5k pace with 2 minutes rest between each.  2x5 minutes at 10k pace or slightly faster depending on where you are in race season, 3 minutes rest between.  Finish off with 2x1 minute all out race pace, minute rest between each.  (This was super ugly for us).  We had about 30 of us at practice pretty much went full speed, hit a wall, and fell backwards after 29 seconds.
  3. Cool down. (8ish miles for our crew was the workout).
Swim Squad:
  1. Warm up whatever you like, swim, drills, that.
  2. Main set:  70x50 @ 45 building to sprint the last ones.  This was not physically hard but mentally a challenge for me, that's why I'm sharing.  If you struggle at all with repetition like this I highly suggest this set.  My brain was all over the place and when the finish came I felt like a rock star for not having my head explode, well truth be told the company made it way better too.
  3. Cool down.
Back to the Philippines....
I'm looking forward to that dance, the one with the sticks that makes you feel like a kid!

I'm looking forward to the competition.  Philippines always has a handful of incredible girls, it's not as full as the mainland races but it makes up for that with talent.  This race was the first one I became aware of how awesome it is to have pro moms in the line up.  I'm usually the only mom or one of very few at most races.  The first time I raced Philippines Lucy Smith and Gina Kehr were among us.  I learned so much, felt so honored, and try to remember the lessons learned-like make it count if you have to be away from home...
...and of course, the locals!  Over the years many of us still keep in touch and a reunion is in order!  I am so appreciative that sport has paved a way for me to learn about other cultures, meet other faces in another language, and just grow so much more aware of how unique we all are.  That said, I must throw in a Kainoa moment.  I busted him saying to another after swim practice, "I'd rather kiss my mom than eat dog poop".  I'm pretty lucky...

Good night,


Blogger Christy said...

Love your excitement!!!

July 26, 2012 at 4:26 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Racing in another country is always more exciting. it is worth all the hassle of packing, I think

July 28, 2012 at 11:29 AM


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