Sunday, August 12, 2012

My First Prom...

This has very little to do with triathlon and so much more to do with a "regular day" in my life...because you know, life is made up of more than miles on a bike, (even if some of those are the best miles).  Maybe because the cute surfer boys in my high school didn't really do the prom thing, I never went to mine.  After last night, I can officially say I went to prom!  Let me explain, it was actually a friends 40th Birthday party and the theme was "prom and slippers".  It was a really big hit here on the island...I know, we have it so fun!

It all started Thursday...just like I never imagined a prom would happen.  A photo (the above one) came in from Maui with a text:  Will you go to prom with me Saturday?  ooooooh Prom!  Does that mean slow dances, French Kissing, hotel rooms, spiked punch?  Who's parents drive, a limo, hair and nails?!  I felt about 17 years old...

Of course when that text landed on my phone I was at the beach with Kainoa, his school buddies, and the moms, so I sent back a photo, no words needed.  Is that how it worked in High School?  I really missed out if it was that simple. Go? Yes.  Now for the fun.  A dress.  Not sure I remember ever searching for a dress in high school, I have much more experience now.  About 3 stores later I found the second best dress!  The first would have been if I found a super short neon pink one like in "Legally Blond".  Mine was a little plain, but it was short and tight, totally fit my theme as I would be the "girl at prom who already has a 6yr old".  Keep your opinions to yourself...
The day was busy, a bike ride, a wedding for a friend, some dominoes with Kainoa, then finally into the little dress I never got to wear in high school!  It was all kinds of awesome!  Brushed my hair, sun kissed cheeks, and too many bracelets!  The above is the back drop to the prom, YES, so much better than a high school gym!  The 17 year old me was in full motion all night long.  My legs hurt from dancing, even my back and arms-who know what dancing I must have done to hurt that bad!  It was like I always imagined a prom would be.  A bunch of sweaty people going crazy on a dance floor, all the pretty hair styles were now a mess of knots, make up was totally running down the faces, and there must have been a few people "sneaking out" for the French kisses!
My prom date and I, so worth the wait!  Neither of us actually went to our proms so this was pretty funny to be here a few years later...with kids, (at home of course).
A handful of us girls taking in the sunset before more dancing than we probably anticipated.  I really wish I could post some photos of the dancing.  Let's just say, if you went to your prom you can imagine my photos.
 ...and then the sunset that flung us into an all out dance party, sweaty mess, that felt a lot like an Ironman on my legs! 
There was even a photo booth.  Have a "G" rated peek...
The night was one to remember, that's for sure. AND now, I can say I have survived a real prom...



Blogger JC said...

LOVE! You look SO beautiful - but you always do. So glad you both got your "PROM". Looks like SO MUCH FUN:)

August 13, 2012 at 7:28 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

What a cute Prom date! I've never been to one (not part of our culture over here) but I guess you had far more fun that most teenagers as they probably are too nervous.
L-O-V-E the dress :-)

August 13, 2012 at 8:19 AM

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