Friday, August 3, 2012

Philippines 70.3

Today in the pro press conference Belinda Granger stole my words, "Yes, I do pick my races a lot by designation".  I totally confess that I'm a cherry picker for warm, beautiful places with incredible faces.  3rd time to this event and that officially makes it the only race I've done more than twice other than the races in Hawaii...this place is special!  The people are beyond words beautiful, and it's one of the few races that I actually don't have horrible homesickness...
Of course everything here has me going, "Kainoa would love this!  I have to bring Kainoa here!  Kainoa this and that!"  Then, I discovered the race site has a water slide for kids and a play land.  Not to mention this is by far the most beautiful hotel I've ever seen in my life!  It's the place you would bring someone you feel like holding hands with, that of course made me think:  NEXT YEAR FAMILY VACATION, Masuda and the boys!  Of course a girl can dream, can't she?!

Back to the race, the swim is beautiful.  Giant blue starfish clutter the ocean floor, actually I found out it's a channel we are in.  In fact Cebu is one of 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines!  The water is warm and salty, choppy thanks to the Typhoon that just left the island-on a side note, 29 people died, my thoughts are fully with them.  It's an odd feeling here to be enjoying some place so beautiful while families are in total shock.  On the other side, this race has once again brought a lot of people to an island that could use some boost in the economy.  Maybe that's why I believe in this race so much, it always gives back...

 ...and here are the ladies that help race director Fred Uytengsu make this event so amazing!  Salamat girls for making it possible for me to be at the event!  I'm so excited to race, to tackle 70.3 miles on one of the most pretty blue islands I've ever set foot on.  So far, so good...
2 more sleeps till race day.  It's 1:51am back home so I'm a little beyond tired yet wide awake with so much excitement.  Thank you to those that have sent notes of encouragement, I truly appreciate them.  Good night from Cebu!



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Gorgeous place :-)

August 7, 2012 at 10:58 AM


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