Monday, September 3, 2012

After An Ironman...

This has been the best "after an Ironman" week so far.  Of all 11 Ironmans that my body has endured, this one has felt refreshingly balanced.  The other 10 had a surprising mix of the post ironman blahs and blues where you feel like mud, or worse.  I've endured the "must get back to training" only to ride my bike into what feels like a wall.  I've done the "eat whatever I want" and then put enough weight to scare my bikini's right off me.  And I've suffered the "what next" confusion that lands little motivation.  But this time, this past week, has been refreshing...

I have done 2 ocean swims (floats), 2 pool swims, 4 days of surfing, one hike, one snorkel session to look at really pretty fish, an hour of throwing the football on the beach with the boys, a walk under the mood down a hill with Masuda to dinner, a tandem surf session with Kainoa, 4 rounds of "shooting hoops", a game of tag with 6 year olds, and won a skee ball game at the arcade!  I call that "recovery to it's finest".  None of it included a set pace, time, or distance.  All of it included a little fun, time with family/friends, and a complete mental break from swimbikerun.

And now what?  I feel very mentally refreshed.  This week will be time to ride the bike, lace up the shoes, and take it easy-exercising.  I'm not sure it can be called "training" just yet, but it will be time to get the body moving again, blood flowing again, and prepare to set up another goal. I even began a packing list for another race!! 

What are my favorite post-Ironman tips?  Find something "actively new" to do, try a new sport or hobby. (like hoops at the arcade!), take up a new recipe and master it without fear of eating too many bites.  Stay up late watching a really good movie, sleep in if you can (parents, I know, it's not very possible).  Reload the ITUNES when you are ready to get back into the swing of running, new songs are the best to get us motivated!  Of course grabbing a training buddy and signing up for another goal always makes it more fun to get going again too!



Blogger Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) said...

You could go to the local stables, Bree, find a nice horse and practice pacing it through a dressage routine. I know that sounds random, like all of my comments, but then you could relax and watch as the horse does most of the work. Who knows, when you hit 40, you could do the modern pentathlon at the Olympics.

September 4, 2012 at 12:35 AM

Blogger JenniferAllison said...

Love it! There's something free and easy about your spirit; and it's serving you well.........I just love how you've endured beyond a long list of things since the 2003 Na Wahine Triathlon; and look at you now; nearly a decade later; so many travels later; never giving up after so many disappointments and unexpectated changes....and this daring career has matured you; and given you a wealth of life lesson's and experiences......everytime you wave when I'm running/biking puts a smile on my face......(like on Alii Drive Sunday......)......thanks, for your inspiration, grit, and shared stories; good and bad. Go get 'em local gurly gurl! Hugs, The Jennifer and Fambily........

September 4, 2012 at 6:13 AM

Blogger Lani said...

Could it be because this is the first one where you followed your heart -not any plan anyone else set out for you - or expecations anyone had of you. You found the "love" and it showed!

September 4, 2012 at 10:44 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

And my favourite one after a race is to have a lie in for a couple days. Oh the pleasure of switching that alarm off and turnaround in bed to continue snoozing. hummmmm!

September 4, 2012 at 11:20 AM


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