Monday, September 24, 2012

Cozumel 70.3 Domingo...

"Enjoy the moment, enjoy the day, just enjoy", that was on repeat in my brain for the morning.  You know, as professional triathletes we have it pretty good.  We get to do the very job we love most everyday, we see places some only dream of, we encounter new faces every race and those in far away lands enrich our lives with their culture. It is our job to make goals and chase them down, I'm calling that a very good life we get to experience.  While it's not always beautiful walks along remote beaches, it does land us in the 5% of the world that get to work in their dream job, even if only for a brief time in our lives (because pro athletes do indeed get old and slow and taken over by youth).  For today though, actually all this season, I have made it my goal to really, truly appreciate what I get to do...
The morning was usual butterflies meshed with excitement.  I'm over worrying about how my body feels race week and race day, after a year of feeling good only to race bad or feel bad only to race good, I've learned that through 70.3 miles or 140.6 miles our body will do for us what we push it to do.  Well, I could use some speed work to help with that, but you get what I'm saying. 
Prerace in the transition area was pretty scary for me.  I'm still like a rookie at the whole "pro in transition" thing. If I look too close at any girl and where she came from in the land of results it humbles me to the point of forgetting to focus on what I can do on the day.  With the likes of most the women's 70.3 World Champs in the line up, my eyes fixed their gaze on what was within my control.  

The race day just got better and better for me.  Undoubtedly it was one of those days that seem to take forever for the body to warm up, which means one thing, fight to the finish line.  Days like today force me to keep my attitude in check, making the finish line that much more satisfying, especially when you really fight for it.  The swim was alright, the bike felt stronger as it went on, and the run got going to the point I wished it were a marathon.  I was 7th going on the run and made a goal to run into top 5.  By the end of the first loop I was safely running in 5th, but mile 11 came a surprise, the 4th place girl was 50 seconds ahead, I did the Math and grew some balls (or got brave).  Putting my head down I just ran knowing a finish line is less than 2 miles away and there is something worth fighting for, 4th.  My head thought of a week ago on Maui, running 10 miles then entering the Maui mile race, running a 5:19 toasted.  I figured there had to be a 5:19 in me on this Sunday too. Mile 12 came the move to take 4th by almost a minute in the last mile.  It was one of those personal moments in my sport life that made all the hard work so worthwhile and I'm thankful to have had her to help me work that hard...
The race is now over, another result I'm happy with and more lessons learned for training/racing purposes.  After the ice bath and massage food was calling my name more so than I can remember, racing in heat does that to me!  With minor hallucinations going on, I followed a man down an alley in nothing but my swim suit and caught a ride to the hotel.  Maybe not my most brilliant move but he had a bunch of Jesus crosses and things hanging in the window so I went with it, and thankfully made it safe and sound to food! My Spanish must be awesome right now because it's totally working to get myself around and land in all sorts of good company!
Another favorite part of triathlon is of course, the people.  The evening was spent with my most favorite Kiwi couple.  We shared laughs, tears, and stories from who knows when in our lives!  The tacos were good too and counting out pesos with them will forever be a memory that goes down in Mexican history at Alberto's Mexican Restaurant! 
My little room has been perfect, even the iguana that greeted me every morning and evening (in the bottom right corner) will be special.  It's my final morning here and there are 2 things left to do:  Ride the horse with my new cowboy buddy and jump back into the ocean!  My "gracias" list is gigantic, mostly consisting of friends in sport, family, and sponsors in sport that have been there all along.  Swift Carbon bikes, Coconut Girls, Splish, and Bike Works, Kona Aquatics, thank you, really this job is made that much easier with your help!  Karlyn for literally flying me to Mexico, you really have helped me grow wings since meeting you in a pool long ago.  Brooke, Wendy, Tricia, and Jim for all the help with Kainoa while I'm away for the weekend, PRICELESS to this mom! To Masuda, I always wanted to know what it would feel like to have somebody be there before, during, and after the race, you did that for me.  And to Kainoa, for wanting a medal so bad, making me fight for it...Love you guys!

Ahora, montar caballos!!


Blogger Kiet said...

"And now, to ride some horses!" Thanks for letting me practice mi espanol tambien.

September 25, 2012 at 11:34 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Buenos dias Bree, you're probably up in the air on your way home. I've just added Mexico to my list of dream races to do one day :-)
It's good to know that there are still decent people out there and that you're returning home with only good recuerdos.

September 25, 2012 at 9:48 PM

Blogger miles99999 said...

Congrats on a very good result. Keep up the good work.

September 26, 2012 at 2:55 AM

Blogger Dawn said...

Congrats, Bree, on another great race! :) Trying to catch up on your blog... love all your pics... thx for sharing a little bit of your beautiful life. Love how you got Kainoa his medal! :)

October 12, 2012 at 4:28 PM


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