Tuesday, October 30, 2012

For The Love of Sport...

 Life in sport is good.  I think when you look at anything you truly have a passion for you can find something, anything, concerning it that just makes you feel an inner smile.  From the time I learned to kick a ball to swimming my first lap across a pool, sport has been a huge part of a lot of happy in my life.  The people you meet, experiences you grab hold of, all the life lessons you learn, and of course the opportunities...

Speaking of opportunities, I've been given a very cool one.  TriLanai has asked me to host a clinic prior to their "Tri Lanai". That excites me in itself, helping the growth of sport in the islands!  Lanai is a rather quiet island, beauty nestled all over, and roughly 3,000 people make up the population.  Chris, the director of the event has a very big desire to help encourage sport and healthy habits on the island, boost the economy, and he has a handful of charities that are Lanai based he wants to support through the races.

 It was a ripple effect of people coming through my life all passionate about sport that have played such a giant roll in where I am today, so of course the opportunity to go be part of something that can possibly create some ripples in someone else's life matters to me.
Speaking about triathlon will be the easy part.  It is the "mountain bike" part that is new to me.  I figure if anyone is coming to a free clinic about the event they must be more rookie than me.  That said, I went to Grant Miller, the owner of Bike Works and possibly our islands best mountain biker, for a little help.  He loaded me up with the perfect amount of tools and tips to share with those coming to learn about this "triathlon" sport.  Finally I'm ready to share and feel in the position to not just laugh at myself (however, I'm okay with that too).  Just to make sure I can practice what I'll preach, I sent myself out on my first EVER solo ride on a mountain bike!  With everything Grant taught me ready for usage out there, it occurred to me that sometimes we teach better when we don't just assume people already know everything because it's so familiar to us...

IF you happen to be reading this and are on Lanai this weekend, stop by the beach, (you know the one, the only beach next to the hotel, the only hotel on any beach on the island). Friday from 3-6pm it's all things "TriLanai"!  It should be a good time covering the basics to the avoiding rocks...

The other exciting part of this, is returning to beautiful Lanai!  I've only been once and loved it so very much!  This time will be even more awesome as 2 of my favorite people in the world will be along for the journey!  I'll give you a hint, one is 6 and the other is roughly 30 years older than 6...



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I like the sound of the Trilanai club, can I be a member too :)

I want you to know that I'm also scared of the downhills on a bike and that's on the road, I specialy fear the steep dowhills with a bend and on a narrow road as you never know if there as car coming up the opposite way. scary stuff! at least off road it's just you and the ground, albeit full of rocks, roots and stuff. take care

November 1, 2012 at 10:57 AM

OpenID goeasylife said...

Congratulations! That mountain biking does sound treacherous.

Can you share any key advice for a newbie to triathlons?

November 4, 2012 at 11:30 AM


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