Monday, October 8, 2012

Island Hop...

We did it, we found a really good field trip during the week off school...a trip to Maui.  It was only slightly more than the cost of 20 papayas, (as Masuda lives there during the work week, landing us more than a grass shack on the beach to sleep), Mokulele had $35 flights thanks to Hana now having an airport, and it was only 35 minutes away!  We soaked up sand, sun, and everything an island boy could possibly want to soak up.
 Day 1 was the aquarium.  This was the part where mini-me kept saying, "mom this is the best day of my life".  Inside I was doing that thing ocean lovers do, "poor sea creatures stuck in tanks!", but outside I was beaming with happy because he was so happy.  Partial confusion did take over though, we see and touch most everything outside in the real big ocean weekly, yet somehow it was thrilling from tanks! No joke, he held wana and a star fish like it was gold!  Honestly, he held the same looking wana and star fish at the beach during sunset, but you know... tanks are cool, I guess. 

We did the sugar mill too.  In that moment, seeing Maui grown sugar cane turned into sugar Kainoa proudly announced, "When I grow up I am working on Maui making sugar".

We caught beach time, walks and jogs on the boardwalk, ate pineapple till our lips puckered uncontrollably, took down shaved ice like nobodies business.  Sometime in the middle of enjoying sand covered paradise I had a big smile just seeing Kainoa off his island yet remaining the island boy.  We were bonding like maybe my little boy is growing up and becoming more of a big kid.  I've yet to really recognize it, but I saw it this trip.  We spend plenty of time driving to and from his school and swim talking, we do beach time, we have dinners, but the thing a vacation does is draw you away from the things you have to handle giving you more time to handle what you want to handle.  It was so fun doing the things we do but doing them different...

And when the big guy over on Maui got off work we got to catch up with him too.  A couple good days and nights with 2 of my favorite people on Earth had me suddenly catapolted into frenzy of nonstop smiles and wide open eyes to take in all the good moments I was pretty blessed to know for a few days in a row...

We flew on the tiny plane home to Big Island with a box full of doughnuts bigger than the plane itself and wet swim suits from a lot of beach time.  With the field trip tucked snug in Kainoa's memories now, it is back to what feels like the very fast pace life of Big Island as the Ironman is in full bloom!  All the expo is set to go, the zoo is crowded with animals in spandex and shaved legs parading the Queen K, and of course I am feeling butterflies for my friends about to have a very good 140.6 miles of all Pele can dish out.
That's pretty much all I have to report on, unless you are thrilled to know my own pineapple is about the size of a large hamster now!  I also declared today, "Day 1" of training again...



Blogger JC said...

such a great adventure!
Your comment at the end about your pineapple had me thinking back to when I was preggo and would check online every week the size of the baby:)

October 9, 2012 at 3:40 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Maui looks gorgeous and Kainoa is getting taller with every picture you post I'm sure.

I bet Kailua-Kona must feel like one big party with more and more people arriving each day (huge clean up after Saturday I guess)

October 10, 2012 at 9:28 AM

Blogger Dawn said...

Such a neat trip! How special for Kainoa!! :) Love your little pineapple too!

October 12, 2012 at 5:05 PM


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