Tuesday, October 9, 2012

That Little Voice...

Sitting right here today, under the shade of a tree, I found silence in the middle of loud.  I was at the Ironman Expo on opening day. Imagine so many people your lucky to find breathing room of your own, the music was so loud phones are not usable, and of course there are more booths than the local fair!  All of that was if I took the picture facing the other direction. 
I had to take a seat, a deep breath, in a matter of moments it was time to face the noise of the expo and parade around in the joy of everyone racing and those gathering their "goods" for the big day.  A meeting awaited me, my head was loud and the search for that still small voice telling me it was all going to be okay was trying to speak.  You know the voice, its all calm and quite and most days is taken over with the loud chaos of our "what ifs" and everything else...
After calming myself down and pepping myself up to face the expo and bask in the energy it brings to town, I found friend after friend here for the race.  Sport is so cool how it brings in good people to our lives and we continually get to catch up at the races we share.  I loved it.  I forgot all about me and felt their butterflies.  On a morning ride with Mrs. Lovato, somewhere near Kawaihae we traded stories of races, the men in our lives, and even the opportunities we have as professional athletes.  While we may miss out on the big dance this Saturday, we still hold a role in this part of our lives, in sport...and there is still so much to give and plenty more opportunities awaiting us...
Then the meeting.  You know how those go, edge of your seat just praying for a contract renewal.  I've been super blessed to have worked with Marc-Andre for the past 4 seasons.  I'm a big time fan of commitment, of staying with something you love and believe in for as long as you possibly can, so of course my fingers were crossed I'd get to sign again.  I'll be honest, not racing Kona makes it tough for some sponsors as they want you in the big dance.  Its not that I don't want to race, I race with all my heart hoping to race in my back yard, but I was too poor to afford the travel needed to collect points as a pro, so you know... I'm cheering. 

Back to the meeting... we talked.  We shared.  He encouraged and supported me.  And then, I was offered to continue my role as an athlete on the Swift Carbon bike team. Oh it was awesome!  It was the news I wanted to hear and nearly broke my fingers crossing them so tightly.  Of course I'll keep my focus to support and be a good thing for my sponsors, all while chasing dreams that are made so much more possible with their help!!
Finally... Kainoa took the role of racing in Ironman Hawaii for the Wee family this year.  He did the keiki triathlon, all smiles, in those speedo pants, running down Alii Drive.  I'll call it a good day on the island and tomorrow just might be even better,



Blogger Becky H said...

I love that Kainoa did the keiki event, and happy that you got your contract renewal. Hopefully some sponsors realize it's not all about 'the' big event, it's about the work that goes into being the best athlete you can be given whatever circumstances you are in. I love reading your blog Bree, you always manage to bring a poitive persepctive in your writing, thanks for taking the time to share!

October 10, 2012 at 5:04 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Congratulations on your contract renewal. I suppose it must feel like going for a job interview and being offered the job :-) you're a champion Bree! Remember that! and next year you'll gather even more points and win even more races. Now if only Hawaiian airlines sponsored you.....
Well done Kainoa for racing and bringing your Mum the medal this time

October 10, 2012 at 9:17 AM

Blogger Dawn said...

Awesome that Kainoa got to race in his little Ironman Hawaii, so cute! Just like his mama!! :) Looks like a lot of fun over there... glad to hear you are enjoying your self this year and taking it all in, while training with some friends who are racing. How cool is that!?! Congrats on your contract renewal too!! Keep chasing your dreams, Bree... that is exactly what you do here in your blog, inspire us all to keep dreaming! Thank you. Hope you have a FUN weekend being a cheerleader! Can't wait to cheer you on your next race too... take care.

October 12, 2012 at 5:12 PM


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