Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flip Turns...

Today's big adventure was flip turns.  The youth swim team is learning them this week and just about every swimmer had me in tears of laughter today!  I really wanted to jump in and show them my awesome water ballet moves, but what do I know?  In fact, by the end of the practice they once again, taught me some life lessons all because of their "learning to flip turn".

Keep your focus forward
When you find yourself upside down take in the view, you might see the unexpected
Just breathe
No matter how deep you find yourself you aren't going to drown
It's okay to hit a wall
Trying new things are really fun
Sometimes you have to kick your @$$ off
Keep your pants on, if they do come off be okay with getting laughed at
If you hit the bottom push off and shoot up bravely
Just love it
Not all the cool kids wear goggles
Flip with a buddy, it's even more fun

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Maui Miles...

As I get older and older, (I'm about to get even older with a birthday in December), I'm slowly discovering more to the "secret of happiness".  It is all about time.  Running the coast of Maui this weekend many miles taught me many things...

For some reason Maui is my favorite place to run and it's not even my favorite island. But running there is like magic.  Anyways, it brings me back to this one street in Nicaragua where I was walking back to my host family and passed an older couple holding hands on a dark street, laughing and smiling.  Their clothes looked so worn out, no shoes on their feet, but you could tell instantly they were more happy than me despite having way less (in material things).  I walked home alone, lonely as dirt as Kainoa was at his dads and I was on year 2 of divorce, very much single.  Time.  On mile four of a long run over the weekend it occurred to me that time with the people you love can make your heart happy.  You could be shoeless and poor in Nicaragua yet have more happiness than a young woman walking alone under a start lit sky with shoes on her feet, if you have someone to walk with (or at least waiting at home for you).  I really believe life is meant to be shared, I mean honestly, who can finish off a loaf of bread before it goes bad without a little help? 

So I kept running, kept thinking about being happy, and answers kept coming to me.  More about time.  It's so much about how we spend our time, too.  Another word for spend is to give, right?  I think that means its how and to whom we give our time.  Remember being like 5 or 6 and your dad would throw you in the pool, launching you higher than other dads?  Or how your grandma or mom would bake with you, letting you eat cookie dough and make a mess?  Or when big sister would take the time to braid your hair or let you play with her friends too.  They gave us time.  It is so true that when we give our time it generates this huge happiness within us.

 Mike works on Maui and often can't come home for weeks and weeks at a time. This weekend meant the world to me to spend time at his job.  I'll be honest, sometimes it gets so hot, so loud, and the hours are so long into the night.  But when I'm there, something radiates in my heart, a big happy to spend my time where he is.  Exactly the same feeling I land every time I sit on the bleachers during Kainoa's swim practice.  Just spending time being where the people we love are can make us happy, no matter the activity.  It also happens when we give our time to the friend that needs a listening ear, the coworker that needs a ride to work, the child that needs help tutoring.  Think about it, I bet you agree some of your most happy times are moments that have nothing to do with you...

Next up, when we are given time. Seriously, how awesome does it feel when someone changes plans around to make time for you?  Or when someone surprises you with a surf date to Honolua Bay and keeps you company on your sunset run?  I found during mile 10 of the long run that the secret to really gaining the maximum happiness out of this one, is when you refrain from putting expectations on people.  Then, when someone just happens to take the time to give a compliment, take you on a date, call just because, bring you that book you wanted, take you to lunch, and all the other things our family and friends do for us, we feel like a million bucks!  Happiness just floods...
I guess that run really had my head in the clouds, Maui miles do that to me.  Maybe because it's just so pretty running there you have no choice but to look out and see a happy place surrounding you.  That's my last one...time doing what we enjoy and time spent in places we like.  Of course this is real life and we have to endure doing things we don't often enjoy or spend time in places we might not like to be, but when we can and when we are able to do what we enjoy & be where we like, we have to soak it up. Really, really soak it up...

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

While it seems...

While it seems as if most the triathlon season has come to an end, mine has not.  With the sun up, my bike and I still head out the door to chase down dreams and follow a path that I am so blessed to call mine.  Day one of landing the opportunity to race professionally the promise was made to never, ever take it for granted, I'm very good with promises. Still today, even through rough patches, it still holds true that this is where I am thankful to be without taking it for granted.  And when rough patches do happen, as they always do, the reminder to keep a promise becomes all the more worth it...

Behind the plumeria trees the sun popped up and a trip to Hawi became my work load.  It was my best ride.  Countless times I've said that only to follow it up with, "I really mean it this time", but  today I really mean it.  It was just me, everyone of my island training partners are pau for the year.  Something happens when you are out there all day on your own, character is built.  How strong are you?  How brave are you?  How focused are you?  How determined?  The answer always lands within us by the time we jump off the bike...

 You know what happens when we really brave the questions?  We want more.  That was this mornings lesson.  When you know the answers you don't fear the questions.  I love that feeling, to just know...So I rode and rode in swirls of wind.  And like I said, it was my best ride ever.  Then I hopped off to run and of course ran too fast from the start.  Maybe that needed to happen though, a wall went up and survival became my way home.  I literally had to do that thing where you pick a spot about 20 yards up the road, focus, get to it, then repeat.  I did that the last 10 minutes of the run, just holding on by fumes.  I loved it. 
...if you have ever raced Kona or ridden here, there really is something special about making the Hawi turn around, unexplainable to be exact.  The little town holds big possibilities when you arrive on a bike with a long way back to town...

Keep going,
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Week...

Winter is here!  The sky had that unreal look about it, the one where you just start feeling all thankful and all of a sudden want to be a do-gooder and give the man on the corner a dollar, buy the girl behind you her groceries, and hang lights and get the idea.  It's happening for me, things are pretty bright, my "thank you list" gets longer and longer, and I keep feeling like loving on people, strangers mostly...

Everyone was nice at the pool this morning, all the cars were friendly on my bike ride, and that sky!  It just kept opening up winter feelings for me.  The best part, fruit cake!  All ride long I craved fruit cake and if I was a gel maker I would make fruit cake gels and energy bars this time of year!  You better believe immediately after the ride I ran to the grocery, for fruit cake...

Instead I found these!  THE BEST POTATOES in the world, Idaho has nothing on these!  This time of year they are so hard to find because everyone wants to make purple mashed potatoes (me too!).  So I grabbed the 3rd to last bag of them and ran home with a smile bigger than a girl on prom night!  I felt like baking my purple mashed deliciousness tonight but found something better...

Well, better because I broke my derailuer on my ride today and owe the bike shop boys a HUGE FAVOR.  Better was to bake a treat instead tonight and potatoes for Thanksgiving.

Coconut pumpkin pie brownies!  They are always a hit with Kainoa, anything coconut actually makes him happy.  So easy to make too.  Make your favorite brownies, put them in a pan.  Don't bake them yet.  In another bowl mix a lot of coconut, a can of sweet condensed milk, a can of pumpkin, and a lot of pumpkin spice.  That's it!  Once it's all mixed up spread the pumpkin mix on top of your brownies and bake *350 for about 50 minutes.  You can top it with chocolate chips if you want too... make it as healthy your tooth ache as you like.

Last, 1st grade school pictures! Kainoas had me bust out laughing with my mother, she thought it was me without hair!  Yeah, he got my little lips, big ears, triangle chin, same nose, and that look of wonder.  As for the crooked head tilt, lucky he skipped that gene...

Happy Turkey week :)
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

To Cheer...

Cheer:  To create hope and enthusiasm.  Man, I am loving that definition!  The world could use a little more of that for sure and today I got a taste of it bigger than expected.  The morning of the Lavaman Triathlon landed today, Kainoa and I had a very big job, stop cars on the hot corner (bike turn).  I'm pretty sure every car on the Queen K near NELHA wanted to sucker punch us, traffic was majorly backed up and we were the ones not letting it flow.  I've never had that job, never wanted that job, and until today never saw the huge importance of that job.  I did see one accident, one man fly off his bike, 4 girls miss the turn, 2 riders collide, one man almost nail Kainoa, one friend nail me, and well-volunteering is WAY harder than it looks and WAY more important than my usual racing self ever, ever, ever imagined! lead me to cheer. 

Back to the cheering.  It creates hope and enthusiasm.  You better believe I tasted that this morning!  By simply cheering, riders would pick up the pace, they would smile, they would even stop to talk!  (One woman did indeed stop and talk to us).  People believe when they are given just a little push in the direction they intend to go.  That lead me to think on more...

That's Marissa.  She is an up and coming Big Island triathlete and sincerely impresses me.  I think the first time we met was last year and I maybe said 4 words to her, something about "awesome, you got this".  From that day last year she has flung fast forward into an entirely new level.  Off 4 words?  Amazing the impact people can have on each other...

 ...and because everything does not revolve around sport in my life, let's talk about love, too.  A very close friend of mine lost his wife to cancer a few years ago.  Tonight he sent me this photo of them many years ago and with it a message about love and holding close the ones that mean most to us.  That reminded me of cheering for those we love, too.  To spread hope and enthusiasm to their dreams, desires, and goals in this life.  The more I cheered today and think about cheering on family and friends the more I find it is such a beautiful, selfless act that impacts another.  I know I'm usually on a receiving end of many, many cheers.  They now mean that much more to me...
...and another friend sent this picture.  Sam.  Believe it or not, this is his way of cheering for me (and all his friends actually), a little sarcasm or smart aleck...  Seriously, this cheer thing has taken a whole new meaning.  It's pretty easy too, just yell things like, "go", "You got this", "AWESOME", or, "move it".  I guess with Thanksgiving on the way all that holiday happy that lingers is starting to take over within me and today was just the begining...

Cheer on!
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Race...

Aloha out there in blog land, it's me Kainoa reporting from sunny Kona.  Today I did not want to race.  Mom and I woke up super early and landed on the couch watching cartoons.  Over breakfast she tossed in the, "So Lavakids today", I tossed it right out.  My schools Ho'olaulea was today and that was far more exciting to me than a keiki triathlon.  Mom loves sport, I do too, but she likes to race.  I like to play.  She kept making breakfast and 40 minutes before start I decided to do that annoying thing kids do right when it's almost too late, I changed my mind. 

Mom would do anything for me when it comes to supporting a goal or something she thinks I will eventually find "fun".  So she did what she does best, scramble!  Within seconds we had the truck loaded with triathlon stuff, fuel for me, and got to the race just in time to sign up and go.  My "I got this" face was on and I decided I do love sport enough to keep passion in racing it...
Smiling, laughing, grunting, pushing, pulling, and breathing so hard my heart jumps out of my chest all happened to me in a single morning!  Once again she was right, I was so glad I raced the Lavakids!  Of course I kept to my "beach boy" theme and invaded the race goggle-less and in my surf trunks!  She did however yank my cap off when I began the run, I really almost ran the run in that thing! 
 My mother is no soccer mom kind of mom, she actually kind of sits out of the way when it comes to my sports.  I think she battles with trying to let me love it all on my own and be a silent example to me of how awesome sports can make our lives.  This morning talking to all the parents one of the dads gave her a pep talk, "He told her, Bree, you have to ignite the fire but not fan the flame".  She found a lot of strength in that as she truly tries to lead me on but not pull me in any direction...

So I did the race, loved it more than I thought I would, and then....
The Ho'olaulea!  I'm really into my school when it turns into a fair-like carnival!  Booths of games and food, all my friends, and the teachers in dunk tanks!  It was a best day in my life and my mom is wore out more than me, (that's why I'm writing her blog tonight).  Rumor has it for my next race she got us matching suits from Splish.  Hope she is kidding, I mean I'll do a race but a matching suit!  She said they have Santa's all over them and it will be awesome for the December swim meet...
That was my Saturday with mom, blueberry mustaches and all, she is a keeper.  But that suit...I'll keep you posted!

Love Kainoa.
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Thursday, November 15, 2012


You know when you wake up and your son pees the bed?  Then you notice there is no more cereal and you have a crunch before getting off to school, that means no time to make eggs and toast. And of course emails you wish had different words written on them land on your computer.  That was how the morning started.  But for some reason I looked around the house, actually sat down in the rush of it all, took the best deep breath and thought, "My life rocks!".  Because you know, attitude is everything and at 5:18 in the morning that is just too early to determine if the day will be "one of those". Besides, it was just a wet bed and no cereal...

With flying colors I managed to ace the mom-thing! First grade drop off on time, socialize with other moms that talk mom talk, and have Kainoa's lunch packed and homework done (with color).  Then I was voted, "mom with the smallest shorts, did I steal them from a 5th grader".  I will never grow up and happily took my new title of mom with shorts too small for me...

Off to swim.  Iron distance later, a salty mess, I realized (for the bajillionith time), that I just LOVE home.  Like really, really love it. Most people love home I guess, it's what surrounds us that makes it special. Next was the bike.  Rather than share the bike workout, it was a keeper though, I'll try to pass along the feelings that fluttered along within me on that ride.  Basically it had some intervals and my Ipod (don't judge me for being one of those that wear tunes while training), was right on target. Have to share the music!  Click the link to hear the song...

Let it fly.  Warm up, so calm.  Had me cruising along on a sunny day.
I feel so good. Picking it up a little, this is my Maui song!
Hey now now.  I'm a Michael fan, there is a line in this song that just gets me.
Wild ones. Can't help myself, this was my fastest part & dance moves on a bike!
Happy as the sun. My cool down, I'm in love song.

Here is the line I love from the 4th song:  "Don't let mistakes be so monumental, don't let your love be so confidential, and don't let your heart be so judgmental..."

Pretty much I cruised through the day all because at 5:18 I wasn't ready to be grumpy.  The day popped up some cool opportunities, I'll get to that one day soon.  Kainoa did good at school, phew!  And then a sweet moment came about when the Kealakehe high school triathlon club had me as a guest today to talk triathlon!  The youth rock!

Double rainbow kind of day, yes it was...
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sharing My Run...

Okay, that time of year again...winter.  That means a lot of marathons on the horizon and of course the starting of "run for fun" for a lot of people with their race season over.  Look no further if you want a run for your near-future marathon or a run to put in place where you have no race...

Warm up:  20 minutes easy jog.  Add in a couple pick ups to make the legs get fired up.
Main Set: 8x half a mile with 60-90 seconds rest. (the repeats are your "goal" half marathon pace.  Not too fast to go to the well but not an easy jog along the beach.  Example, your goal pace for a half marathon is 8 minute miles, so you do yours on 9 minutes or 9:30, that gets you roughly 60-90 seconds rest.  And remember to hold as close to the same time for each repeat.
Cool down: 20 easy minutes of jogging.

Have a good run!
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Monday, November 12, 2012

How To Be Awesome At Sport and Life...

Once again a children's swim meet has landed me at the top of "Motivation" for all things: Life, love, and sport.  I suppose when you are young, fearlessness and passion play a gigantic role in who you are and how you tackle what you do.  Saturday at the keiki swim meet I took notes and am happy to share, just in case you have grown up too much to remember the part of you that used to attack life with less fear and more passion.

1.  Have a lot of confidence.  Just believe it, just try it, just do it.  And if you want, sharpie marker on your body (or get a tattoo) of what you really believe in.  You know, like telling others to eat your bubbles!
 2.  Dive right in!  Life is so short there is absolutely no sense in waiting for the "easy", or when things make sense.  Chances are things might never make sense and you miss an opportunity.  Let go of the fear of falling in love, taking a new job, trying a new hobbie, or cutting your hair.  You might or might not have a great dive into what you want (see above), but you will certainly never regret diving in!
 3.  Surround yourself with good people!  Those that support you, believe in you, take good care of you, and make you happy are so worth spending time with.  It is always okay to have fun, enjoy yourself, and not take yourself seriously 24/7.  It is also okay to be who you are...
 4.  Eat what you like, dress how you like, listen to the music you like.  The children were SO AWESOME this weekend!  They had the best time at their meet because they were all so full of life.  And what is living life when told to me by an 8 year old?  It is when you do the things that make you happy, like hamburgers.
It was a very full weekend of training and yard work,  I decided to share with you the most pretty parts just above...  AND, our home is Christmasy with the holiday plan in place (I'll share that later as I have a race to focus on before I can dive into the super fun snowy adventure!).  Maybe Thanksgiving needs to happen first, too. But I can hardly resist Christmas, so one more thing:
My friend makes the BEST Hawaiian jewelry ever!  You have to check out her stuff and if you are a man, buy something pretty for your girl!  She will feel like a mermaid :)  Here is the link, start your Christmas shopping! Adorned by the sea.

Happy Holidays!
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

"I crave a love so deep even the oceans would be jealous"... That quote fluttered around in my head during this mornings swim, it of course turned my thoughts toward Kainoa.  As parents we get this very cool opportunity to build up each and every dream a child holds.  At the moment Kainoa's is to build a hotel and run it.  Logistically, I know all that would go into that dream actually happening.  The simplicity of it all to him is this, "Dad will build it with his tools, you make the beds mom, and Mikey can work the front desk checking people in". 

He keeps making these fantastic ideas turned dreams into somewhat of blueprints for what he feels is his reality.  Believing like that really is something so 19 years ago or so for me.  In my lofty researching of the impact parents have on their children it is proven that 100 out of 100 times we should encourage and promote these plans, no matter the "WOW" of it all.  And if we don't?  We turn out like those content on the sidelines of life...

Prompted by a childlike desire to hear my own dad tell me my big girl dreams will all come true too, I called him.  That somehow turned into him telling me that I am full of the Christmas spirit.  Not what I was looking for, so I looked harder and dug out the Christmas boxes.  After hanging our 5 stockings, a row of lights, and more green and red clutter, it did feel like some sort of childlike faith was taking over.  Or maybe it was memories of watching "Rudolf and The Grinch" so many times as a kid that I drifted back to those days of thinking a red nosed reindeer is real and bad guys do turn out good in the end... 

With 2 hours before Kainoa's swim practice there was one more place to look for whatever it was I was looking for, the movie theater.  If you have yet to see, "Chasing Mavericks" go see it!  You will want to press on towards your dreams even if the past, people, or fear gets in your way.  Life is short.  Life is full of opportunities if we are open to them.  And, it is far better to look for reasons why things will work rather than why they might not...

With that motivational movie filtering in my mind, I was super fired up to go to Kainoa's swim practice.  This weekend he has a meet he really wants to swim fast at, he has a dream to camp under stars down at Maks, and he wants to draw an outline of his hotel.  Dreams baby, dreams...

Back to that quote, "craving a love so deep even the oceans would be jealous", I think it means to have someone believe in you and the beauty of your dreams so deeply that you begin to believe in yourself...

Another little something Kainoa taught me.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Monday began what I believe will be a really good week of training, today proved true, too.  I plan to put my head down like a horse just driving forward, with of course blinders on so I don't get caught up in the left and right of stuff n' fluff.

It started with a beautiful sunrise, rolled into a 10 mile building into "faster than goal pace" run, then high school swimming.  That was the "hold tuff" part.  2 hours with the youth was more than I bargained for but better then I would ever accomplish in a pool on my own.  Just to let you know they are fierce, we did a 900 fly in the midst of it all and I was drafting a 12 year old that thought it was easy.   They say to have me at practice with them is motivating, truth be told they motivate me!
I reread old journals too.  It is so incredibly freeing to read thoughts poured out or dreams written down from whenever ago, to relive them is to put them back into motion or keep them going.  So I did that, read notes from high school, it reignited a few little things and made me wake up "fired up for Tuesday"

It was back into the swim, this time recovery in the ocean with the girls.
And then the bike.  The Waimea loop to be exact.  It's a real strong ride as the winds are like hills on top of the hill you are riding.  The 85 miles can take 4:30 chasing the strong guys or longer if Pele tosses her cookies at us.  Today she did just a little and we landed 5:05, but I loved it!  My legs haven't burned that long in a while, my heart hasn't been stopped like that for too long to remember, and my lungs haven't gasped for breath on the bike since oh, Trilanai.  You get the point, it was good for me...

Not to mention, Waimea loop passes the best fruit stands!  Tomorrow will be more of the same because a race is on the horizon!  A start line to Ironman Oz next month is the goal.  No, Ironman Cozumel and Ironman Florida (my usual races) will/did not happen.  Nor did REV3 Florida and Lavaman Keahou will not either, bumming on that as my backyard race has a prize purse this year!  And Ironman AZ where my friend Dan has me convinced to go will not either, but OZ will.  What's the twist up?  Since USAT said they will publish it in the next issue of their magazine it is not a secret, but I did receive a fine and a 6wk suspension from USAT events until after December 2nd for my expired membership card.  My fingers are not pointing in any direction or placing blame anywhere.  I do take responsibility for not looking out for myself and USAT wants to use my situation to make athletes more aware of membership requirements, fine with me if I can save anyone from this mess.  Example, pros are not allowed to pay a one-day fee of $12 like amateurs if your card is not current.  Anyways, I don't want to talk anymore about that.  Since July in Portland when I was pulled from the event it has been a very long nightmare for me and just recently it has felt like I am breathing again...

Time for this girl to keep believing in all the good things that make up life, love, and sport!
Happy training!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Tri Lanai...

 Trilanai, where do I even begin!  The entire experience from the day I agreed to go, to the moment we landed back in Kona surpassed every single expectation!  First, without a doubt, a huge MAHALO goes out to Chris, the race director of Trilanai.  He was unreal at answering every question a clueless blonde girl could possibly text anytime of day.  He truly has set up a top notch race on the quiet island of Lanai and made it something more wonderful than a race.  And I know, I've been to a lot of races!

Let's back up...
Why this race?  Why Lanai?  Why not Lanai!?  I have always adored that little island and often imagine a secret hideaway there when I'm 80 or to write a book.  Back to the race.  The race is the "official TRI for a purpose bigger than yourself"!  I'll be honest, he asked me to speak at a prerace clinic, I did not want to.  Oh, I wanted to give back, but I really am clueless on mountain biking.  We will get to that later.  I landed Friday in the clinic and it became something so special to me.  A handful of local Lanai residents came out and a few Maui boys, and a mainland chiropractor who cracked me up (maybe the only one with less mountain bike experience than me).

The clinic was awesome!  The locals I meant put the "give back to the island" more into effect than just being part of the race.  Passion for their home was just radiating from their every expression of thanks.  I'll tell you why this race, the island is so small!  Of all our islands it lacks the most economic help from tourism, the population is so small that the entire school (grade k-12) struggles to even put sport on the map for the island because they barely can make a team of themselves. BUT...they care, they want to, and they believe in health, fitness, and opportunity. 

What does Trilanai do? The event gives back 100% to the community, all of it.  From previous races they have supplied the basketball team with shoes, sent the football team to Maui to play in a game, and get this-EVERY SINGLE Lanai youth (20 and under) that enters the race and finishes gets back their entry fee.  I was so proud to be part of it, even if it meant having to ride down a scary hill with rocks about to eat me!
Kainoa and I boarded the ferry from Maui to Lanai Friday morning.  The great part: $25 bucks for both of us and that includes the cost to travel with my bike (and we did not have to pack bikes on the ferry)!  The trip was beautiful, easy, and smooth waters across the Pacific.

 Lanai stole both Kainoa and my hearts, it is unreal beauty.  So untouched and very welcoming.  Every face holds a smile, every hand reaches out to embrace you, we felt like a small part of heaven just landed on Earth.  Friday we did the clinic, ate dinner in town (its small, less than 3,000 people total, a couple places to eat, and lots of tall trees).
 Saturday morning was the race.  And of course I was first in line for bike support.  BIG thanks to Janet of BIKE WORKS Kona for letting me borrow her mountain bike.  Well, in that line stood a girl who usually pumps her tires to 100-110.  Did you know I had WAY TOO MUCH air?  Yes, a good 40 was all it took!  We let out air, they showed me how to change up the shocks for the down hill part, and then it was go time!  I tried to warm up on the bike, decided it would be better to fall in the race than before it, and swam instead.
 ...a little prerace blessing and prayer. 
 Then swim!  Conrad Stoltz beat everyone out of the water, but another local girl and I were super close behind him and had views of his back up the first part of the hill.  THEN, never again!  He rode so fast it was awesome! 
 This photo should not even be posted, it is a total misconception of the bike course!  Really.  We do climb a pretty nice hill on an old paved road, that is true, but then...after that...the only part I thought was east...we go on rocks!  Maybe it has a lot to do with my fear of falling down a hill with rocks in my face, but I was so scared!  One drop I looked down, screamed, then just held my breath!  The course is amazing because the beauty it holds, the challenge we all get to overcome, (yes, 100% of the starters finished!!), but it can totally get you out of your comfort zone, that in itself makes me think this race has the potential to get big!  It's legit. 

I kept thinking of Mike and all his words of encouragement in my head.  He can race down hills so much better than me.  Then I reminded myself this race has just one purpose, "Support Lanai", that got me down the hills.  Going from second to like 16 guys out biking me was pretty scary.  I'm okay with being humbled, but I had to keep turning around to see if I was about to get ran over while someone jumped or launched off a rock over my head!

Onto the run without a scratch!  Mission possible!  Mike was waiting in T2 with some love:  "You have  a lot of work to make up".  And I did.  I ran back into 6th place with those first 5 guys that rock raced over me taking the top 5.  It was so much fun, I will be back.  My mission will include practice on the mountain bike, but more importantly it will include trying to gather up more people from the Big Island to support the event.  So far I have Mike, Brooke, Nick, Kawika and a relay all sold! 

 We all gathered a lot of beach time after the race and then off into the giant trees for dinner. You can see the ENTIRE town of Lanai in the photo below, it has become really special to me and I'm proud to be a huge Trilanai supporter now!
Have a good week and thanks for reading!
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