Monday, November 26, 2012

Maui Miles...

As I get older and older, (I'm about to get even older with a birthday in December), I'm slowly discovering more to the "secret of happiness".  It is all about time.  Running the coast of Maui this weekend many miles taught me many things...

For some reason Maui is my favorite place to run and it's not even my favorite island. But running there is like magic.  Anyways, it brings me back to this one street in Nicaragua where I was walking back to my host family and passed an older couple holding hands on a dark street, laughing and smiling.  Their clothes looked so worn out, no shoes on their feet, but you could tell instantly they were more happy than me despite having way less (in material things).  I walked home alone, lonely as dirt as Kainoa was at his dads and I was on year 2 of divorce, very much single.  Time.  On mile four of a long run over the weekend it occurred to me that time with the people you love can make your heart happy.  You could be shoeless and poor in Nicaragua yet have more happiness than a young woman walking alone under a start lit sky with shoes on her feet, if you have someone to walk with (or at least waiting at home for you).  I really believe life is meant to be shared, I mean honestly, who can finish off a loaf of bread before it goes bad without a little help? 

So I kept running, kept thinking about being happy, and answers kept coming to me.  More about time.  It's so much about how we spend our time, too.  Another word for spend is to give, right?  I think that means its how and to whom we give our time.  Remember being like 5 or 6 and your dad would throw you in the pool, launching you higher than other dads?  Or how your grandma or mom would bake with you, letting you eat cookie dough and make a mess?  Or when big sister would take the time to braid your hair or let you play with her friends too.  They gave us time.  It is so true that when we give our time it generates this huge happiness within us.

 Mike works on Maui and often can't come home for weeks and weeks at a time. This weekend meant the world to me to spend time at his job.  I'll be honest, sometimes it gets so hot, so loud, and the hours are so long into the night.  But when I'm there, something radiates in my heart, a big happy to spend my time where he is.  Exactly the same feeling I land every time I sit on the bleachers during Kainoa's swim practice.  Just spending time being where the people we love are can make us happy, no matter the activity.  It also happens when we give our time to the friend that needs a listening ear, the coworker that needs a ride to work, the child that needs help tutoring.  Think about it, I bet you agree some of your most happy times are moments that have nothing to do with you...

Next up, when we are given time. Seriously, how awesome does it feel when someone changes plans around to make time for you?  Or when someone surprises you with a surf date to Honolua Bay and keeps you company on your sunset run?  I found during mile 10 of the long run that the secret to really gaining the maximum happiness out of this one, is when you refrain from putting expectations on people.  Then, when someone just happens to take the time to give a compliment, take you on a date, call just because, bring you that book you wanted, take you to lunch, and all the other things our family and friends do for us, we feel like a million bucks!  Happiness just floods...
I guess that run really had my head in the clouds, Maui miles do that to me.  Maybe because it's just so pretty running there you have no choice but to look out and see a happy place surrounding you.  That's my last one...time doing what we enjoy and time spent in places we like.  Of course this is real life and we have to endure doing things we don't often enjoy or spend time in places we might not like to be, but when we can and when we are able to do what we enjoy & be where we like, we have to soak it up. Really, really soak it up...



Blogger JC said...

Great post Chica. This holds so TRUE to my heart.

November 27, 2012 at 7:00 AM

Blogger Bre said...

love this post and it completely resonated with me this morning (right down to the upcoming december birthday!) I've never ran in Maui, but I felt the flood of happiness on every run I did while in arizona last month- thankful, grateful, and just the overwhelming happy. I frequently had to stop ona run and stare at the mountains surrounding me and turn my face to the sun and just soak up the amazingness of the people and place that I was surrounded by.
thanks for an awesome read. :)

November 27, 2012 at 8:24 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Well, Mauiu looks gorgeous to me :-)
I wish I coudl island hop, sounds so exotic!

November 28, 2012 at 2:53 AM

Blogger run4daysbill said...

Running in the mountains for me, Bree. And thanks for a beautiful, beautiful post. You sure are smart.

November 28, 2012 at 6:03 AM

Blogger karen nelson said...

Maui is such a wonderful location for running. I wish i were there.It is true that maximum happiness can be achieved when we refrain from putting expectations on people.

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December 1, 2012 at 2:23 AM


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