Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Race...

Aloha out there in blog land, it's me Kainoa reporting from sunny Kona.  Today I did not want to race.  Mom and I woke up super early and landed on the couch watching cartoons.  Over breakfast she tossed in the, "So Lavakids today", I tossed it right out.  My schools Ho'olaulea was today and that was far more exciting to me than a keiki triathlon.  Mom loves sport, I do too, but she likes to race.  I like to play.  She kept making breakfast and 40 minutes before start I decided to do that annoying thing kids do right when it's almost too late, I changed my mind. 

Mom would do anything for me when it comes to supporting a goal or something she thinks I will eventually find "fun".  So she did what she does best, scramble!  Within seconds we had the truck loaded with triathlon stuff, fuel for me, and got to the race just in time to sign up and go.  My "I got this" face was on and I decided I do love sport enough to keep passion in racing it...
Smiling, laughing, grunting, pushing, pulling, and breathing so hard my heart jumps out of my chest all happened to me in a single morning!  Once again she was right, I was so glad I raced the Lavakids!  Of course I kept to my "beach boy" theme and invaded the race goggle-less and in my surf trunks!  She did however yank my cap off when I began the run, I really almost ran the run in that thing! 
 My mother is no soccer mom kind of mom, she actually kind of sits out of the way when it comes to my sports.  I think she battles with trying to let me love it all on my own and be a silent example to me of how awesome sports can make our lives.  This morning talking to all the parents one of the dads gave her a pep talk, "He told her, Bree, you have to ignite the fire but not fan the flame".  She found a lot of strength in that as she truly tries to lead me on but not pull me in any direction...

So I did the race, loved it more than I thought I would, and then....
The Ho'olaulea!  I'm really into my school when it turns into a fair-like carnival!  Booths of games and food, all my friends, and the teachers in dunk tanks!  It was a best day in my life and my mom is wore out more than me, (that's why I'm writing her blog tonight).  Rumor has it for my next race she got us matching suits from Splish.  Hope she is kidding, I mean I'll do a race but a matching suit!  She said they have Santa's all over them and it will be awesome for the December swim meet...
That was my Saturday with mom, blueberry mustaches and all, she is a keeper.  But that suit...I'll keep you posted!

Love Kainoa.


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Kainoa, I wish I could be like you and decide to race at the last minute, that way I wouldn't get so nervous. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy what you do and it looks like you did.
Well done

November 18, 2012 at 7:44 AM

Blogger Dawn said...

Adorable! Way to go Kainoa!!! What a perfect day with your mom. :)

November 18, 2012 at 6:28 PM


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