Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sharing My Run...

Okay, that time of year again...winter.  That means a lot of marathons on the horizon and of course the starting of "run for fun" for a lot of people with their race season over.  Look no further if you want a run for your near-future marathon or a run to put in place where you have no race...

Warm up:  20 minutes easy jog.  Add in a couple pick ups to make the legs get fired up.
Main Set: 8x half a mile with 60-90 seconds rest. (the repeats are your "goal" half marathon pace.  Not too fast to go to the well but not an easy jog along the beach.  Example, your goal pace for a half marathon is 8 minute miles, so you do yours on 9 minutes or 9:30, that gets you roughly 60-90 seconds rest.  And remember to hold as close to the same time for each repeat.
Cool down: 20 easy minutes of jogging.

Have a good run!


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Thanks Bree, now for cross country..... I'm doing a xc race this saturday and am most certain I'll be lapped by those brownlee brothers :-)

November 13, 2012 at 10:50 PM

Blogger Dawn said...

This would be a "Like" on FB. :) Thanks for sharing... will add this one to my runs. Happy training!

November 15, 2012 at 5:28 PM

Blogger Thorsten said...

I don't get it .. half a mile at a half-marathon pace of 8 min/mile takes 4 minutes .. then running the intervals every 9 or 9.30 doesn't make sense. Please explain, as the session sounds interesting.

November 20, 2012 at 1:45 AM


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