Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Week...

Winter is here!  The sky had that unreal look about it, the one where you just start feeling all thankful and all of a sudden want to be a do-gooder and give the man on the corner a dollar, buy the girl behind you her groceries, and hang lights and get the idea.  It's happening for me, things are pretty bright, my "thank you list" gets longer and longer, and I keep feeling like loving on people, strangers mostly...

Everyone was nice at the pool this morning, all the cars were friendly on my bike ride, and that sky!  It just kept opening up winter feelings for me.  The best part, fruit cake!  All ride long I craved fruit cake and if I was a gel maker I would make fruit cake gels and energy bars this time of year!  You better believe immediately after the ride I ran to the grocery, for fruit cake...

Instead I found these!  THE BEST POTATOES in the world, Idaho has nothing on these!  This time of year they are so hard to find because everyone wants to make purple mashed potatoes (me too!).  So I grabbed the 3rd to last bag of them and ran home with a smile bigger than a girl on prom night!  I felt like baking my purple mashed deliciousness tonight but found something better...

Well, better because I broke my derailuer on my ride today and owe the bike shop boys a HUGE FAVOR.  Better was to bake a treat instead tonight and potatoes for Thanksgiving.

Coconut pumpkin pie brownies!  They are always a hit with Kainoa, anything coconut actually makes him happy.  So easy to make too.  Make your favorite brownies, put them in a pan.  Don't bake them yet.  In another bowl mix a lot of coconut, a can of sweet condensed milk, a can of pumpkin, and a lot of pumpkin spice.  That's it!  Once it's all mixed up spread the pumpkin mix on top of your brownies and bake *350 for about 50 minutes.  You can top it with chocolate chips if you want too... make it as healthy your tooth ache as you like.

Last, 1st grade school pictures! Kainoas had me bust out laughing with my mother, she thought it was me without hair!  Yeah, he got my little lips, big ears, triangle chin, same nose, and that look of wonder.  As for the crooked head tilt, lucky he skipped that gene...

Happy Turkey week :)


Blogger Tina Marie Parker said...

Handsome kid! Happy Thanksgiving.

November 20, 2012 at 7:04 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

If I made gels what flavour would i come up with? well it would be a savoury one like cheese..I've actually seen a tomato flavoured one from one of the europen brands.

I've never tried purple sweet potatoes! must look for them and try them :-) by the way have you tried mashed cauliflower (+add some butter)? it's nicer than it sounds.

the school photos are so sweet. I can see the likeness between you 2.

November 20, 2012 at 9:16 AM


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