Tuesday, December 4, 2012


...Here I sit on the journey to my last triathlon of 2012.  Reflections of all the races, the beautiful places, and wonderful people I've come across over the year have me smiling.  I just want to soak up these moments in Australia, too.  Everything leading up to this very place I sit has come together in ways so unexpected, but far exceeding the hopes I've held for a year in triathlon. 

All of those runs along Maui, the little races with Kainoa, swimming in the Pacific so many mornings of my life, long rides that have challenged me, the swim team, the high schoolers that push me, Mikes notes at the end of long runs, girl talk about boys on recovery rides...each of those days have me set up for Sunday and an Ironman is exactly how I want to finish the season...

What day and time it is here is a little cloudy to me, sleep really should be happening but I've got one more plane to catch then the drive down to Busso.  I'm just a little homesick, wrapping up my 5th season as a professional athlete and that part of me has yet to fade, not even a little bit.   Repeatedly, I remind myself Kainoa is at his dads home for a week and the Masuda boys are all off island, I'd be home alone even if I was home.  Maybe that helps a little.  At 15 I took my first trip to another country without any parents, what I once thought would be an unquenchable thirst to scout out the world and let travel fill my heart, fades more every year.  A girl like me will always have adventures fill her, but the need to go exploring solo and so far away is becoming easily replaced with dates to surf spots, hikes around our island, and camping under stars on the lanai...

I am here, all of this week will be enjoyed to the absolute fullest capacity a girl given an opportunity can possibly enjoy.  So many wonderful people made this possible for me and while it's the norm to thank them after the race has been completed and a finish line is has been crossed, I know I would not be here without them...

The Kelly Family, The Nelsons, my parents you have literally flown me here, thank you.  Swift Carbon, ROLF Prima, Splish, Bike Works, Coconut Girls, Oden, Coach Steve & Kona Aquatics, an athlete needs a team and you are that for me, thank you.  Wendy and Fredo for feeding Kainoa and me, babysitting us both on occasion too.  All my friends, the moms on the bleachers during swim practice, those I am so blessed to train with, the ones that email, text, and call from all over the place to keep me going.  My Bible study crew on Tuesdays.  My family.  Kainoa and his little smiles that set me courageously going when someday's I just want to cry.  And...Mike.  I've fallen in love with my best friend and he truly has had to pick me up and dust me off more times over the year than anyone ever has in my lifetime.  It's been said that a girl just needs one person to believe in her to accomplish her lifetime dreams, but I am finding that a girl can go even further than she has ever imagined when she also believes in herself and he has caused me to believe in me, thank you Masuders!!

Okay, I've got a plane to catch, I'll keep you updated on this final journey as best as I can...
So much appreciation,


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

hi Bree I'm having trouble with the internet at home at the moment so my messages have been very few. I wish you a great race on sunday. the ozzies are lovely too, have a great time and hopefully a great result.

December 5, 2012 at 1:24 AM

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