Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Left Side...

It is safe to say I literally prayed my heart out the entire drive from Perth to Busso!  There is no way on Earth I should have been behind the wheel of a rental car in Australia.  Do you remember learning to drive?  It was just like that except 100x more difficult.  The man at the rental car was dying laughing when I sat down on the left side in the front seat only to get out after noticing the steering wheel is on the right side.  We both laughed.  Then I turned on the wind shield wipers instead of the blinkers, they changed those up too.  As for actually driving on the left side of the road, it was a good 80% of the time.  The other 20% I goofed up big time, even ran over a side walk to get off the road...

I prayed, tried not to wet my pants, almost pulled out my hair, then I took it as a challenge and went for it as bravely as I plan to tackle that cold sharky swim tomorrow.  Australia is unlike any other country I've ever been too. It looks almost just like all the places on the Mainland spread out but it just doesn't act like any of them.  The music always sounds like a dance party is about to happen, everyone I met today talked like it was still the 1980's with totally, rad, so neat, fresh, dude, used in every sentence, and at least one girl out of 20 had pink hair.  The boys wore the same tight jeans as the girls, mohawks are very cool here, and truth be told...its bubbly.  Seriously, everyone I met today was so bubbly, just happy as can be and full of life.  People still hold hands here, I saw it on every street!  The hand holding thing is only that noticeable in Central America. 

The last time I was in OZ was 2008, on the other side though.  SO this time I am happy to see a new face to Australia and I love it....
 This part of OZ reminds me a lot of Southern Florida.  3 trailer parks I passed on one run!
 ...and do you remember Woolworths??  From the 80's?  We had them in USA too, but they went under.  OZ still has them and I of course went to one today just for the old school memories!  In fact, I bought a hamster there when I was like 7.  So very cool... of the super bubbly girls also gave me a fortune today.  I LOVE it. 
Safe and sound in Busso, a little run done, feet up happening now, dinner finished.  4 more sleeps till the big 140.6.  Good night!!



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Hey Bree, if it's any consolotion I'm scared of driving on the right!!! so Kudos to you for driving on the left. I know what you mean, it's not just driving on the other side of the reoad but everything inside the car is on the other side too. I assume you went for an automatic car so you don't ahve to change gears. Stay safe!
ah-ah! girls with pink hair, boys with tight trousers, sounds like london but with more sunshine

December 5, 2012 at 9:33 AM


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